My best friend wants to marry me

I have a best guy friend that I grew up with but you can tell we have feelings for each other. We love each others' family and have so much fun together. We ended up going to the same college and he plays baseball there. Well last weekend me, him, and another one of the players went out to my Dad's for a bonfire and had a great time. The next day he told me he wanted to marry me one day and that he was dead serious. All I said was alright. We've kissed before but neither of us really wanted a relationship at the time. I do love him but I just don't know what to think about it...

Since then we've went out once with all the guys and talked every day but I can't tell what he wants right now. Were going out to my Dad's again this weekend and I'm going to talk to him about it. I just want to be on the same page with him instead of not knowing. So I'm asking what should I say when we talk?


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  • just ask him if he was serious about what he said...

    tell him you were surprised to hear that and that you think you two have awesome times together, but you just want to see where he stands right now...

    my suggestion would be to hold off...keep doing what you guys do...youre in college, you both have undecided paths to take...last thing you want is have one of your hearts broken because the other has to move somewhere far away, which if you were married I'd assume you'd both go with one another...

    dont seem pushy or needy and almost forcing him to date, just do as you say you want to...see where he is at...dont be liek so do you wanna date, unless you really do...maybe you can suggest taking things slow and going out sometime on a date...take it from there and go with the flow...

    sounds like an awesome everylasting friendship - super jealous and happy for you!

    good luck!

    • yea he's going in the draft after this season too but I've still got a couple years left so he'll be the one that moves before me and he has no idea where he's going yet. I just don't know what I want or what he wants. I'm nervous to talk to him about it

    • figure out what you want and go from there...can you deal with a LDR? can you deal with the fact he'll be gone for so long? really think about what you want...if you love him the answer will be clear...

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  • when you are friends, a lot of times it is very platonic.

    and it is possible that you don't have sexual feeling for him.

    but, apart from that it seems like you guys are having an awefully fun time together.

    so, have more fun.

    and ask if he is really serious.

    as far as you don't have anyone else is your mind you should be open about this possibility.

    have fun.

    i am also jealous as the previous comment mentioned.


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  • I have the same question right now, and I'll like to know how this ended?