What does it means when my boyfriend bought and gave me a heart necklace/jewellery?

My boyfriend bought me a heart necklace, its a surprise gift of him in me.

"i was wondering what does it means of that heart necklace and why does he choose it?"

***** my follow up question, what does it also means when my boyfriend bought and gave me jewellery (any kind of jewellery)?

thanks a lot! =)


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  • because he loves you or likes you a lot? isn't it obvious?

    • thanks a lot! it means a lot. =)

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  • It doesn't necessarily mean anything. He might have just liked the look of it. It might have been the right price.

    Like any guy, he probably knew women like jewellery and like shiny things. He wanted to make you happy, so he bought you some.

    Why try to analyse it further than that?

  • It means he loves you and wants you to know how he feels. Unless you two have had a major fight that is all it means. If it is after a major fight then it is likely an apology, or him trying to buy you off.


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  • It means he wants you to make him tacos.. for life, that is love

    • Is this shadoww? lol

    • lol, she would say that, but no, this is... someone else..haha

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