Wishing angry boyfriend happy birthday?

We haven’t spoken for a long time...I don’t know what the deal is, I think I upset him or he just needs a short time out for himself cos of recent arguments we had. I’m giving him his space etc so that he can calm down & get back to me once he’s got his emotions back into place. But it’s his birthday next week & I’ve already bought him a gift, but what do I do? Cos its a bit awkward between us, how do I give him his gifts & wish him happy birthday by breaking the awkwardness? I want him to smile again :) any ideas?


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  • Don't try too hard.. If I were you I'd just send him a simple birthday message.. Something like "Happy birthday, hope you're okay"

    Then you're still giving him his space, but he knows you've remembered and are thinking of him

    • yeh I was thinking, text him happy birthday...and just send him his gifts without meeting him? just so he knows I remembered...thanks :) xx

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  • Just put it on his doorstep with a card addressed to "Old Pouty Face"


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  • Ask him to meet up to talk things out, I mean, you're a couple but you haven't heard each other in a long time and you had an argument without talking things through... Not a good idea. I suggest you get in touch with him and try to pursue him to talk things out.

    • i don't know, cos I was hoping he'd speak to me first...he was clearly in the wrong, and I wanted him to apologize & approach me, its ALWAYS been me approaching him...i just want him to realize that if things are going to be OK again, he'd have to make the first move...cos he needs to realize his mistakes, I was thinking send him the gifts, and just text him happy birthday? then wait to see if he calls me & asks if we can talk things through? he may want to talk after appreciating his gifts etc

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    • awww thanks, nice to see stuff from another perspective :) thanks for listening..and yeah will do, just gonna take it slow & easy :D thanks again, feel much better now xx

    • No problem! Good luck ;) And let us know when things are sorted again :)

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