Guy I'm seeing says he likes me too much...

The guy I've been seeing less than a month says he likes me too much, and that he's afraid of seeing me once a week because he likes me so much and he's used to being alone. I've told him I want to go slow but that for me only seeing each other once every two weeks or less is too slow even for me.

I need guys advice, have you ever liked a girl so much you were afraid to see her?

I'm not sure what's going on with him


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  • It seems that the guy wants to take things slow.

    Or he might be afraid to enter into a relationship with you thinking of the ominous consequences where exes will ignore each other and treat each other as strangers.

    Though in your case, you should really start spending more time with him. Help him get over his fears. Talk a lot of things with him.

    • Yeah I'm glad he wants to take things slow, so do I. I don't really know how to force him into seeing me though, I know he wants to see me but I think he's afraid of loving me and me leaving him.

      He's only ever had one girl meet his parents and that's when he was like 16. I don't think he's had a real girlfriend since then mostly due to his work (navy special forces) and he's out and out said he's used to being alone. He's 25 now about to be 26 in June.

    • And I'm not thinking of the end at all, we are just starting a beginning :P he might be thinking of the end but I'm not. I'd like to see where it goes with him. But I don't know what to do. If I try to see him he might feel like I'm getting clingy. It's not clingy to want to see someone once a week

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