Dear (Some) White People...

Dear (Some) White People...

Dear (some) white people,

When I was in the third grade one of you actually sat next to me and said, "if I were a slave owner back in the olden days, I would have been really nice to you." Um, follow up questions...why are you a slave owner in the first place, and does that imply you aren't nice to others, and why the hell are you even thinking about this since we live (at the time) in the 20th century? Welcome to my world. My black, black world. A world where you look me square in the eye and tell me you treat everyone equally because you are color blind, and yet the only people you ever tell that to are people of color. Yup, I live in a world where some of you think its okay to just touch my hair without asking or who ask me incredulously why it is you can't say the N word. Are you asking because you want to say it, and then why is that you want to say it so bad? I'll wait. Oh and just to clear things up, I am a black person who doesn't use the N word, doesn't listen to it in music, doesn't condone others using it with please tell me why ALL black people use the N word. I haven't enough lungs full of air to let out enough sighs at that one.

Almost everyday of my life I just wish we really could all just get along. For some reason some of you seem to think all I think about every day is who is or isn't racist and why everything is the white man's fault. I'm flattered you think I'm that obsessed with you, but I literally have other shit to do other then focus all my life's energy on some of you. And yes, I'm aware I'm currently writing about some of you, but trying to make a point here. Stay with me.

We are not all equal. I'll say it again. We...are...not..all...equal. Anyone who actually believes we are probably doesn't understand either entitlement, privaledge, or basically our entire world. There are so many parts of my life that no amount of hard work, long hours, and upstanding citizenship will make better for me. In the 90s my parents were looking for a house. The realtor was a nice enough lady, showed us around, but my dad, talking to some people about better neighborhoods, asked if he could see a home on, lets just all it, the ritzy side of town. The realtor kept flaking on the question whenever he'd asked until she finally admitted that she was not going to show any houses on that side of town to "people like us." My parents both had perfect credit, my dad has his Ph.D. and neither of my parents has any type of criminal record. My mom, has her Masters, great job, went to church every Sunday, and with my dad, helped raise us kids (why did I even need to explain that to you?) Tell me what exactly we did to deserve that treatment? What more in life could any of us have done to be treated equally in that moment? This is the level at which some of you white people just don't get it. Some of you think everything can be solved by us working harder and not complaining or doing anything about racism. That's like saying if someone were punching your kid, oh, just wait and see until the bad guy stops on his own. Is that really what you would do if you were me?

To put it into further perspective, do you realize that in order to take one flag down in this country, nine people had to die. Not just nine. Nine perfect black people. They had to be involved in politics. They had to be praying in church. They had to be mostly older individuals. They had to have no criminal backgrounds. All of this had to be in place simply for some of you to even believe that we are people capble of suffering injustice and racism and still some of you said why did they allow that man into the church with them in the first place as if to somehow make it their fault they were murdered. You have no idea how much that hurts. The only other way we can be believed now is if there are cameras involved. There is a cop right now who would have probably gotten away with murder, if not for a tape taken by a bystander. Why is there such a double standard by which we live where one life is much more valuable than another based on the color of the skin? Why must we prove beyond a shadow of a doubt via cameras, or why must it come from the lips of a white person, in order for some of you to think of us as victims of crime/hatred/racism?

I don't want your sympathy. I don't want apologies for slavery. I don't want your pity hug. The truth is that some of you are racists. There are some white racists! Accept it. Some of you, more than are willing ot admit, often stand by in compliance in your silence accepting the things they say and do becuase you take absolutely no action against them. How is that any better if you are willing to acknowledge that what they are saying and doing is absolutely wrong but do nothing about it. This is why I want to talk about our issues with one another because peering over the fence and assuming all black people are one way or all white people are one way, gets us no where. You cannot re-write history to make your ancestors out to be what they weren't so that you can feel better about yourself. We must use history to learn from our mistakes. You have people today who say, well, slavery is over, what's the problem, but slavery isn't over. There are now slaves of every nationality and in every country on earth in this modern age from children to adults. The only way real and lasting change is going to happen is if we are open with one another. When we allow each other to express our pain, our mutual confusion, our mutal ignorance of one another, our shame, our sameness, and what makes us different and unique. That is where we can start to stop fearing one another, and treating each other as the only true word for equality: human.


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  • Dear Black Person,

    When I was in the seventh grade many of "you" were bussed to my school and I was repeatedly threatened by big black boys: Get out my way, cracker, or I'll fuck you up!"

    If I told a white person that I tried to live a color blind life, they would look at me and ask, "Why in the hell are you telling me?" Guess what? I don't want to touch your hair because it looks weird. I don't know why it's okay for black people to call each other "nigger" but if a white person does that, it's a crime. Black people kill black people every day and it's just another day in the city, but if a white policeman kills a black person, it's time for a riot and free TV's for the first 100 customers.

    Most of "you" think most of "us" want to perpetuate racism. When we question why you deserve preferential treatment, we are told to remember history. When we want to honor our ancestors who were Southerners, we are told to forget history. Many of "you" do think that everything is the white man's fault, and the others remain silent (like non-violent Muslims not objecting that there religion has been hijacked.)

    "We are not all equal." You are absolutely right. The Constitution and Bill of Rights do not guarantee us equality; they guarantee us equal rights. What we do with those rights separates us from everyone else. You had a bad experience with a white realtor; I'm sorry but - get ready for a shock - the planet will always have a population of assholes. My friend was robbed by a black man, targeted because he was white. What did my friend do to deserve that?

    Some of you think everything can be solved by taking down the Confederate flag. The political party that you think is your savior keeps you enslaved and you won't open your eyes to it. Welfare enslaves people. It is opium. Solving race problems would take away the livelihood of those who rely on racial strife for their business or political well-being.

    Do you really think that crazy guy in South Carolina killed 9 innocent people because the Confederate flag was flying at the capital? Do you really think that if the flag had been taken down last year, his psychotic rampage would have never happened? Is that the kind of fantasy world you live in?

    • "Why is there such a double standard by which we live where one life is much more valuable than another based on the color of the skin?" Nobody notices when a white person is prosecuted and convicted for killing a black person. It is not a national media event when a white person is arrested and sent to prison for murdering a black person. Therefore, it didn't happen. It never happens, because, according to you. most white people think that all black life is worthless, right? I believe that's called prejudice.

      "Why must we prove beyond a shadow of a doubt via cameras, or why must it come from the lips of a white person, in order for some of you to think of us as victims of crime/hatred/racism?" It doesn't, but how many people lied about what they "witnessed" in Ferguson?

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    • @NovaLS and Opinion Owner

      My point wasn't about slavery or anything politically, but rather, can anyone justifiably be proud of something they didn't achieve or honour something that wasn't done?

      Often people say, I am proved of bla bla, but the bla bla part isn't any achievement like fighting a war, but rather just being... like being white.

      I can understand honouring personal achievements, but not nationality, race, heartage etc. something you didn't earn or achieved.

      Do I make sense?

    • @oracle12c yes that makes sense to me. I think it maybe is just a human pride thing and while not exactly necessary it is pretty common for people to be proud of what their ancestors did. If your great grandpa invented the radio you would probably tell people about even though you had nothing to do with it. Humans are strange creatures haha

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  • Good take!
    Unfortunately, video evidence isn't even enough to change their minds, because bystanders only start recording when the injustice starts.. so people defend the perpetrator by saying "you don't know what happened until that video started rolling! maybe the victim deserved it!" It also doesn't help when people start lying to save their job or help their friends.


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  • I thought this was really good, and it's sad to see almost every reply here denies everything you said and the validity of your own personal experience as a black American. It proves your point, at least, even though most people here won't stop for a second to realize it.

    • Thank you for saying that, and I absolutely agree. I named this dear (some) white people because I am well aware that there are fantastic white people out there in this world, but that does not excuse the fact that there is still racism that is detrimental to our lives. I don't understand why certain people seem to take it personally when I'm speaking about some people whom they claim are not who they are. I shouldn't have to justify every issue on the planet in order for someone to understand that I personally have experienced racism. I am in my own community helping my own people, trying to stop our youth from going down the wrong path, and contributing to educational programs b/c it isn't just a "white" problem. Its an us, as in everybody problem, but rather then address this or at least talk about it, the response is often I'm not that, so I can't or wont' do anything about it. You can't save them all, but I'm going to continue to try and educate those that want to learn/understand

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    • What's the quote, "I'm not a racist, I hate everyone equally." I had my friend, who happens to be white, read this last night, and she got defensive about it, and I'm like, I don't understand. I'm literally not talking about you, I'm specifically talking about certain instances I have personally experienced, and I don't want anything from you but to listen and learn and become part of a solution. I broke it down this way, if I said to you I just found out there is a pedophile in the neighborhood, would your immediate reaction be, "you know, there will always be pedophiles, there isn't much we can do about that, but its not me, I didn't molest children, its not my fault so I shouldn't have to apologize for what that man did." No, it wouldn't. You would react like, how can we get that ONE person out of the neighborhood or deal with that one person to protect the children b/c that is unacceptable. Why is the racist issue any different? We ALL need to work on how we treat others.

    • And you are absolutely right in that everyone has at the very least said or done something racist in their lifetime. Everyone. We are often ignorant about what we are doing and saying because we either don't know, or we do but others of our group are accepting, and it goes under the radar. So I ask people when someone is talking about racism, instead of get all defensive or angry, try asking that person, black or white, how can we work together to be a part of the solution? That puts the ball in their court and asks them to think and create possible solutions to this ongoing issue. I know what I've done as part of this problem, so when I'm confronted with someone who says, this or that is an issue, I know exactly how that feels and it becomes a dialogue about change, and just like everyone else, I'm not perfect, I try my best to try and be a better person.

  • Although I did not have time to read your entire dissertation I will say what I think on the subject and see if I hit any of your points.

    First of all racism is, for the most part, dead in America. To say that it is completely gone would be ludicrous but to say that it holds a majority as a societal trait would be even more ludicrous. And your example of a white person saying they would be nice to you if you were there slave was from the third grade and they, more the likely, just thought they were being nice.

    In addition, I agree with you; the races are not equal. In this modern day and society a person of minority has way more privileges and more favor then anyone of white skin. Most politicians are so afraid of being called racist that they are actually racist towards white people. For example, hate crimes. A white man couldn't touch a minority in the U. S. Without it being called a hate crime, however when a minority kills a white person it is usually reported to be because of aggravation or l because they are so oppressed. This leads me on to my next point.

    The source of all of the racial tension in the United States has a source that I believe you will find very shocking, this source is none other than the Democratic Party. You see in the 80's ( I believe ) the Democratic Party was noticing that it just couldn't compete with the republican candidates and they need a way to get more voters and fast. Prior to this time The black American family had prospered and was (especially I the 40's and 50's) a very sophisticated, hardworking, religious, and just patriotic demographic in American society. But you see the democrats needed more people to vote for them and they somehow figured out that by separating the races and using victimization and false senses of oppression they could bring those people to the polls. Sadly the black community was the first target. They realized that if they developed a sense of victimization and oppression among th community they could lure them to the polls by using benefits and privileges. This was of course after we had equal rights so there as really no need for any one race to get benefits, it was only a matter of time before the last of the racist hillbillies learned to appreciate blacks. But you see, that wouldn't of brought any more people to the polls.

    Also, a common misconception is that the civil war was fought over whether or not to keep slavery. She. It was in fact fought over a multitude of issues

    • Stretching from states rights to cultural differences. Although many people view the confederate flag as a symbol of racism in the south it actually serves a greater role in our history than is usually thought. Not only did the war help unify our country (sort of) but it also helped form many of the laws we have today. All in all, the confederate flag is more of a symbol of American freedoms and vision than it is a symbol of slavery and racism.

      Not to mention, it is also a very popular misconception that whites from Europe came and created the slave market. In fact the slave market was booming since long before the common era. It is especially noted that at around 3000bce (bc) the slave market was vast and very useful in the creation of the best east. Millions of slaves were taken and many of them originated from southern and central Africa were the civilizations were less advanced and armies less technologically advanced than the Egyptian and Nunian forces that often captured them.

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    • Now that part I can understand and you are most definitely correct. The values that were once instilled many Black families homes have taken an obvious turn for the worst, ever since the enactment of social programs like welfare. And it's not just the black family it's practically all the families from the poverty class to the working class that have changed the most over the past 50 years.

  • I am sick of people abusing the Anonymous feature so they can race bait and troll.

  • "one of you"

    We are not a collective, we are not a delegation, we do not have an ambassador, we are not representatives of some guild, we are not motivated by the same things, and we don't have to explain ourselves for the actions of others that look like us.

    Didn't read past that part because trusting that you can form an intelligent thought would be a bad investment to make. That person who was rude to you is no kin of mine and I am not responsible for not to apologise for their behaviour.

    • Perhaps you should have read on because I literally said in my post, I don't want an apology for something you haven't done to me personally. This is why I was very specific in my post. One of you did or said something, not all of you because exactly how you and I both feel, neither black, white, or any other group are all one thing. If you want to have a real opinion about what I read, reading in full often helps before you make comments about something I actually addressed in my take.

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    • Wrong, dummy.

      You just changed The to One, which is not the same as saying 'one of you'.

      The white person said hello. One of you said hello. The same thing. A black person shot at a car. One of you shot at a car. A white person was a racist. One of you was a racist.

      You aren't going to understand, and I don't know why I'm even bothering pressing submit right now instead of you showing how dumb you are, but I guess I'll go down with this sinking ship.

    • It's always funny how some people always have to sink to the level of insulting someone to try to make a point. Does that work on you? Do you suddenly think, hmm, I'm so glad someone name called me, I'm going to agree with them right away. Ridiculous. Please stop hitting submit. You're right on that one.

  • A big problem is also perspective. Men vs Women, white vs black, christian vs muslim. Most people tend to focus on the negatives perpetuated by a different group, instead of the negatives their group is committing. Most people see their own group as the victim, and never the perpetrator. For instance, you've stated you can't re-write your history, to make your ancestors better. Most white families did not own slaves at the time. Though racist attitudes were much more common and mainstream in those times. Rich plantation owners were the ones who owned the bulk of the slaves, and they didn't make up a huge portion of the U. S population. The working class whites at the time didn't want the blacks here at all. Slavery was taking paying jobs off the table. Look at today's times, we have a high unemployment rate as it is, yet they are letting over illegal immigrants, mainly because large agricultural and construction companies can pay them a much lower wage, rather than an American citizen. It has nothing to do with our government giving two fucks about any of us, the bottom line is it's cold hard business. There are people willing to murder for financial gain, so why would it be any surprise that they could do less?

    • Actually the indentured servants of the time, mainly poor Europeans sent over to work for room and board and to pay off family debt, were in almost the same exact predicament as slaves with the exception being that they were free, but by virtue of them being white, they were made to believe that they were better than their black counterparts and so contributed to the slave culture, voting to continue the institution and against laws that would have actually helped them, even though they could not afford slaves and were essentially slaves themselves. I'm extremely well aware of what my people's problems are. I've worked at disadvantaged schools, volunteered for community clean ups, assisted in wellness, education, and empowerment programs for our youth, etc.

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    • @asker I got a 200 dollar speeding ticket the other day, when I told him where I was heading, the cops response was," Your story doesn't make sense, your heading northbound, how could you be picking up laundry?" Clearly I can see why he wasn't a detective, either way he was a dick for no reason. I was speeding though, so it is what it is. You either make a problem worse, or you make it better. Best thing you can do when dealing with them, is never admit fault, don't get into a macho pissing contest with them, and remain as silent as possible. Unfortunately, they have way too much power over us, and that is something that I agree needs to change. The only place to really challenge a cop, is in court. Even the courts don't really give a fuck, but usually if you plead not guilty the prosecutor offers you a quick plea deal for about half the ticket amount. I did it with a seatbelt ticket, but not for the speeding ticket since I couldn't miss a day of work. My point to all this, is bullshit

    • happens to everyone at some point in their lives. My Ghanian friend was looking for Hvac work, and when he couldn't find a job initially at first, he was discouraged. The first thing he said was John, it's not easy to find work when your black. First conclusion he came to, which we are all guilty of doing. The other black guy in our class said the same thing, and how hvac didn't work out for him, even though we had only been out of school for 3 weeks. I was also one of the last guys to find a job, even though I had really great attendance and a high GPA. Work is hard to find out there. Either way, they both found work, the Ghanian guy couldn't be happier since he got exactly what he wanted, commercial HVAC. The job that one of our white classmates got before he did, ended up not being what he really wanted to do anyway. Now he's getting the most experience out of all of us, so life does work out. Not to mention, all the companies he applied for, are now calling him after he found work

  • Of course this is truth that black =/= white but their importance, their status, their capabilities etc. are absolutely equal.

  • everybody is somewhat prejudice in someway...
    but you forget one very important factor in racism and being prejudice its called a reinforced stereotype. Reinforced stereotyping is something that only furthers a person's racism or prejudice toward a certain minority group, black, hispanic, gay, jewish, white etc etc.

    Example: I had a very good platonic white girl friend (Kayla), who began dating a black man (Josh). He was pretty cool, but Kayla's parents were not happy. They associated the Josh with all sorts of behaviors and stereotypes etc, and consistently worried about their daughter. But for like two years Josh was just a completely normal human being. -_- sadly this is not the case.

    Josh would be arrest for armed robbery, theft and robbing multiple people at gun point, and was sentenced to 5 years behind bars. This type of crap is what only furthers racism or prejudice in people. Reinforcing that mistrust and suspicion toward someone's skin color.

    even in the media you can see people's fears and prejudgments are always being reinforced by something. And that something is always horrible

  • -shakes head- this again really?

    And if you don't want sympathy, apologies or pity then why did you write this to begin with? we already know there is racism in the world from whites as well as other people. You're simply exaggerating what we already know as common knowledge, also your prime example for racism is from the third grade from a child none the less who probably had no clue what he was actually being racist or mean.

    • Yes, this again. I don't have the luxury of not dealing with it. Maybe not every single day, but I do have to deal with it so count yourself lucky that perhaps you don't. I used my first of "several" examples to illustrate that the awareness of who is and isn't different can begin very young. There is often the notion that kids don't see color/are unaware of difference, but it begins young. Plus you implied she was a racist, I did not. This particular white person happened to be my best friend of 3 years so I found it very jarring when I was told this and wondered clearly for a long time where it came from. My purpose as clearly stated was to simply talk about what so many don't or are afraid to b/c that can be a first step for many black & whites at increasing understanding of each other (I didn't say solving all our problems). It is never convenient or easy to have to deal with an issue, but you don't help yourself by being silent and ignoring it and hoping it will all go away.

  • Inequality goes all ways. Can you explain to me how African American only scholarships, Affirmative action, and why colleges are given incentives for minorities? Wouldn't it make sense that the majority of attenders would be the majority of the populace so why try to manipulate it otherwise? Can you imagine the uproar if there was a white only beauty pageant? And yet there are black only pageants all the time. Racism exists and is a terrible thing but all I am saying is see it from a different perspective of the special treatment that is afforded to some minorities.

    • Fact: The Miss USA's history of excluding women of color dates from its beginnings. At some point in the 1930s, it was formalized in the notorious rule number seven of the Miss America rule book. Instituted under the directorship of Lenora Slaughter, rule number seven stated that "contestants must be of good health and of the white race." As late as 1940, all contestants were required to list, on their formal biological data sheet, how far back they could trace their ancestry. In the pageant's continual crusade for respectability, ancestral connections to the Revolutionary War or perhaps the Mayflower would have been seen as a plus. Morris Anderson first created and produced the Miss Black America Pageant on August 17, 1968 to protest the lack of black women in the Miss America pageant. Some white people think it is unfair to be in their position of dominance and control and yet be excluded from the black institutions that were developed because of white exclusion.

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    • And thank you as well for being civil. It was very refreshing to see how you handled the comments.

    • "national pageant with the name of another race than "

      If Miss U. S. A is a national pageant with a name of another race then does that not mean it should have all just been native Americans competing?

      I'm not trying to be rude but comeeee onnnnnnnnnnn

  • Dear OP, you should learn what subjectivity, selective perception and confirmation bias is.

    To make it short: What you perceive is a very limited area of what actually happens. For example: Feminism vs Mra with both claiming that their issues are more important to tackle. The key problem is, men obviously recognise issues which affect them more (selective percetion & subjectivity) than those which affect women and vice versa.

    Add a bit of confirmation bias to it. The most common example if it is "the traffic lights are always red when I come". No, they aren't - you just remember the times more, because they bothered you instead of remembering the times the traffic lights were green.

    Now what happens to you is that you obviously only perceive offensiveness (or racism, which depends on the context/intent of what is being said) directed towards you. Also you obviously remember that one white kid saying something inappropriate more than the 100 other kids who did nothing.

    • I understand the concept, but for it to be true in the context of what I am speaking to, I would have to believe in my mind that ALL white people are racists which is something that was never asserted in this take nor do I believe. The issue for me is that a vast majority of people can admit that racism exists and that racists are bad, but rather then focus on the racists and the racists things that happen in our society individuals feel as though if you mention racism or racists, I'm talking about them personally rather then address the people I am referring to. The focus shifts away from the issue and turns into endless dialouge about how all white people or whomever are not bad people. To that I say, DUH! But if the only thing we ever do is agree that racism is bad and then when confronted with actual racism, do nothing because we feel we aren't personally the racists and we don't want to apologize (which I clearly stated I didn't want to happen for something whomever didn't do)...

    • ... then where are we? Back at square one. Where I and whomever else continues to experience racism and people continue to do nothing, except tell me that somehow they are good people, so therefore there isn't an issue. Problem solved? Yes, that is problem solved for those who do not experience racism. They seek to shut down the conversation of those that do with this argument so they don't have to deal because its easier for them to do then to work together to find solutions. Rather then say to me, I'm not a racist, why not say to me, how can we help to stop the actual racists. And no, I'm not suggesting that all racism will ever end and everyone can be stopped, but not trying and doing nothing solves absolutely nothing for anyone involved. I have to try to help change that one mind who will hopefully change another, and so on...

  • Well this is a nicely libertarian way of looking at things, but racial equality is a sham and I think we all secretly know it.

    Multiculturalism (which is weirdly only happening in white countries, for some reason) definitely is.

  • racists does exist that's the sad truth and honestly I don't know what to do about it except being nice to every person no matter his or her skin colour

  • nigga, please..

  • thats freaking awesome when a post starts "white people" then complains about racism...

  • 0|3
  • Some white people are racist. Some black people are racist. Some people of every race a racist...

  • I suppose the subject requires anonymity:

    "I don't want your sympathy
    I don't want apologies for slavery
    I don't want your pity hug."

    Then why did you write this take then, what is your point, it is common knowledge there is racism everywhere (some black Americans are racist as well).

    African Americans are not all 'boyz n the hood', however they are overrepresented in the crime statistics - by a margin I might add. It's not based on race as such, but it is about class. Skin colour is often used as a classification (unjust I know), I am sure you will find on occasions, non racist white rednecks, but more likely than not he/she will be racist. In the same why, the risk of a black man to a boyz n the hood type in Harlem is also very likely although you on occasions will find good black men.

    Racism sucks and it's unjust and technically even wrong and unscientific, it is however predominant in every country on earth (including all the African countries). There are racists in every race all the time, that is the sad truth.

    • With every problem in the universe, we could all just simply shrug and say what's the point of fighting it, but no problem on earth is ever solved by doing nothing. There are a lot of good white people in my life who treat me fair and who know that racism is wrong, but when there are situations (and we're not talking ones in the media) where they see racist things happening, they do and say nothing, but if it were a dog being kicked, or a parent abusing their child, or a fight breaking out, they rush in. That's disheartening. Sure we can wax on about how you can't fight every battle, but choosing not to fight at all shows me that there is a deeper issue there that cannot be solved by me simply shrugging and walking away from either the racist or the teachable moments. To say people will never change is to ignore the fact that there are literally thousands out there who saw the injustice during the civil rights movement and decided that they needed to take action.

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    • Yes, and if you reread what I said, that's was actually it. Except I don't know any national socials, fascist, communist or Islamic... I do no some feminists though. No one have ever argued to my face, that biological race is a determine factor in supremacy.
      The only racism I have ever seen, is the subtle racism, the subtle one however is all over the place. I bet including Harlem in the US of A, by the way.

    • Calm down. I'm mostly agreeing with what you've written. I don't need to re-read what you said because this was simply stating a fact. Part of the problem with racism is there are people who think because they have never experienced something, it doesn't exist and those people like to tell the world about it. What doesn't make sense is them using that as an argument for reasons why the minority populous who are experiencing these things because they are the intended of such hatred, should agree with them. Subtle racism is the quieter twin of abject racism. It's always there on the fringes, some people largely unaware its happening b/c it doesn't happen to them, but for those that it does, it is the sometimes ever present silent threat to their happiness, their reach for equality, their livelihoods, and to progress and change because you have to struggle to prove its very existence against a mostly skeptical populous.

  • I see good white people and I see white poeple kill other and be racist

    I also see good blakc people and black guys who kill, sell drugs and gang rape women.

    We are all the same in the fact that we both have dicks and nice people in our races

  • When I was little I used to get beatings for being white. not just one, several, over the course of three years. Am I pissed at black people, nope. It's called thick skin, you need one to be happy in this world.


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  • The ignorance in some of these responses is disgusting.

    • It's to be expected, but how many hoses were turned on blacks, how many lynchings happened, how many people were told you can't be here, sit here, work here, live here, before change occurred? It's an ongoing process, and there will always be some that seek to either troll or actually speak to the point of it being "some" white people, but you just sometimes have to keep on trying and reaching out to reach just that one person if nothing else.

  • They have been white for far too long that they cannot empathise with you anymore

  • "Dear white people"


    How about dear black people (some) (but it's mostly girls) why are you so loud and obnoxious
    Why do you start problems with random girls on the street?
    That actually happened to me today
    You're so funny

    • And every race as racists
      Stop making it seem like it's only SOME white people

      Black people kill their own kind more than whites killing them
      So they must really hate theirselves

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    • Well the title and the take does only mention whites
      This is directed to white people

      I bet you would flip if someone did a take on dear black people

    • Why don't you go for that. You are welcome to write whatever it is you want. Good day.

  • There are some black racists! Accept it.

    • I'm glad you brought that up because someone else mentioned that as well, but of course, I already know that to be true. However a strange thing happens when you simply mentioned the word racist. Even though I say some of you are racist... people only here, well you said everyone is a racist and therefore attack, attack, attack. Both your statement and my own are true, but until people can actually grasp that neither all black, nor all white people are one thing, or all one person, or all racists, then where are we? Just a bunch of name callers with no agreement that the ACTUAL racists need to be stopped, re-educated, dealt with, whatever a situation warrants.