Things We Hate When They Happen!! >:( >:(

It happens to all of us sometimes; those unexpected little things that happen in our everyday lives... and they get us like >:( >:( >:(

Some of them are listed below (I am pretty sure they're familiar to you):

1. When you laying down on your bed while texting.......and the phone falls on your face. :/

Things we hate when they happen!! >:(  >:(2. When you wanna eat lollipop and the lollipop sticks gets detached from the candy :/

3. When you send the wrong message to the wrong person :/

4. The moment you take a picture or a selfie....and there's a photobomb :/

5. When you buy a new pair of shoes and you step in dog poop :/

6. When you call a person by the wrong name :/

7. The moment you have something really important to say end up forgetting :/

8. When you think you connected the charger ....but NOPE :/

9. When the person you dislike the most comes to judge you :/

10. When people be like "you look cheap" cause you're saving money :/

What about you GAGers?? What are the unpleasant situations you hate?

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  • HAHAHAH! LOL OKAY! hahah I can realte to all of these!


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  • Lol, that's so true :P

  • 1,7 and 8 definitely resonate with me or a version of 1 you spend an hour watching a TV programme and you were so tired you fell asleep for bits of it so by the end you have no clue what happened also with the realisation you should have gone to bed an hour earlier for much needed sleep.

  • I love you 'coz your mytakes are so different and funny lol. keep it up. And one more thing-
    When you start telling your parents a funny story and it ends up in a huge ass lecture from your parents

  • I've done that and it sucks

  • 1 and 8 op
    Bang on.


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