Life Through Rose Tinted Glass

There's a saying about seeing life through rose colored glass, and I am one of those people that am like that. Keep in mind this can be a little wordy but thats cause it's important for me to share.

Life Through Rose Tinted Glass

I am a very happy person, and I try to be nice and do good things.

I've been through a lot though, had to deal with my mom selling narcotics for any type of income, I've been homeless, my dad has beat me+neglected me, my mom was a whore, my family put me down constantly, I have depression+anxiety and I used to be suicidal. Quite a lot for someone my age to deal with.

But I dunno, I believe I became a better person for it.

I don't take things for granted. I appreciate everything in my life, a home, food, electronics, clothing etc. Not many people have everything they need in life at a surplus and although we struggle we still get by faily well.

I see a lot of beautiful things in life, and I always try to stay happy.

I mean I have depression but thats not gonna stop me from attempting to be happy. I'm not gonna let my mental illness control me, cause even though it's apart of me it isn't who *I* am.

A lot of people shit on others (especially those of the younger generation) if they look at life the way I do.

They're so cynical;

cuz when the 20's comes around... life sucks....right around your age... that was my turning point... -Tdieseler

I mean yea this may be true for some or the majority of you but no one thinks 100% the same way. I'm not that guy, he's not you, he's not your mom, she's not your aunt or best friend etc.

I like to believe there's good in everyone, even though a lot of people show their bad more often than naught. There's so much more happiness in life when you see all of the beauty life has to offer you.

Yes there's sadness in life but thats beautiful too isn't it?

Simply put by the words of Butters from South Park....

As you can see I completely agree with what he says.
Life is difficult yes but there is so much good in life too, things that make it worth living. In my opinion, things like the warm coffee in the morning, the way the pillow will cradle your head at night, the tears that wash down your face, the loud noise of busy streets-people living their lives, the sun set bright over a cemetary...

Why...just why must everyone be so depressing when it comes to their future?

Just why can't everyone get along regardless of differences like gender, sexual orientation, political views etc?

I just want everyone to love each other and be happy.

Life through rose tinted glass is a lot happier to me than life seen clearly. Some may say it's not the ugly truth but a beautiful lie and I rebuttle that with it's not a lie, it's just seen as a different color, and everyone sees in different ways.

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Most Helpful Guy

  • This is a hard call for me - I am definitely not a rose tinted glasses type of person but that said I am not a hard knock cynic either - I think ultimately I am very much a realist - I am constantly analysing everything and probably changing my view - I honestly kinda change my tune a lot about my life, a lot of the time I review my life and feel very fortunate/lucky to have got away with so much, so many situations that could have gone wrong have turned out in my favour but on the other hand I have had problems with mental health, insomnia , alcohol and gambling for about 30 years that have definitely inconvenienced my life. Even after 47 years I don't know which way to jump whether life has been good or bad to me.
    That is where I respect/admire you so much, life has been very hard on you and you bounced back. Maybe not having trials is my good fortune but sometimes you need it to really say where you are in life. I have had sticky tough patches but nowhere near as rough as some others.
    In conclusion, I am by nature a grumpy person so will never be a smiley happy person more a partial scowl at the world.

    • That's understandable of course, and this wasn't an insult or anything towards people like you, but there's a difference between realists and pessimist

    • That's okay I never noticed any insult or anything, I just look at the facts and make a call.

Most Helpful Girl

  • I think I have those glasses too lol

    But I wouldn't have it any other way. I strugled with depression too and am not sure that I am yet out of its reach, but I am starting to become more appreciative of life itself, even if it is not perfect at the moment.

    Besides, I have always been a dreamer. I am not about to stop being one now :)


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What Guys Said 5

  • Thank you for sharing your thoughts ! I agree with you and commend you, it takes a lot of strength, introspection, compassion, empathy and love to accept the unfortunate situations of the past, understand that those with the ability to have made better decisions would have and most of all the acknowledgment of the most powerful resource we have, the ability to choose how we respond to life... I'm with you ! I don't let yesterday hold tomorrow hostage... and I take responsibility for making my own weather ;-)

  • if i could i would give you a big hug and tell you you are a wonderful person and you are someone special.
    in the short time i have been on here i al lway thought there was a lot more to you than just a screen name that i felt never fit who you are as a person tthe only part of it that fit is the sweet part.

  • This was a beautifully written piece. It reminds me of a great quote I heard once, "The more I learn about people, the more I like dogs."
    I believe you and I are two of the same people. I see the world a little differently than others. Perhaps some of the negative, cynical people are colorblind and they simply don't realize it, and that's why they live such a cold, grey, dull life.

  • Every once in a while, I remember something I did when I was a child. Or something that was done to me, by my father, or my brother, or a cousin. Some injury. Some humiliation. And it seems like... it happened to another person, a century or two ago. I'm not really sure if what I remember really took place at all. You can't build your life, relying on the perception of a little boy, or the echos of some memory. Nah. You got to let all that shit go. You gotta start, fresh. Every single day. You have got to start again.

    • True

      Most of bad memories of stuff people did to me, I dont remember or are very blurry... Weird, huh? :)

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    • @SweetHomicidalQueen I know sweetie, by my own experience, I'm no saint. I can only imagine difficult times can be when you're so young. But what's that old saying? Live to forget?

  • Beautiful take.☺


What Girls Said 3

  • This is beautiful. You're right. those things shape us into the person we are now, make us stronger, give us qualities and be grateful for everything we have even if im fucked up in the head because of them.

  • I literally have rose tinted glasses

  • Refreshing