One Little Thing That Made Australians SNAP

Legend has it, the last time a similar ripple was put through the easygoing folks of Australia was back in the mid 1980's.

When Peter's ice cream inexplicably changed the shape of its iconic Choc-Wedge ice cream to compete with Street's 'Choc-Block'.

The new composition depriving its fans of the thick and hard bit of chocolate that melted in your mouth that was at its foundations guaranteeing its exclamation mark.

That was bad, but what Arnotts biscuits did in the early parts of 2016 was viewed by locals as an 'International travesty.'

Changing their beloved Shapes range.

A little snack biscuit in all types of flavours, readily found in any Aussies pantry, lunch box or workplace snack plates.

"This biscuit shaped a nation,"

I cannot believe this has happened. What did we do wrong, Arnotts?" ( Jim Saunders, Melbourne )

Of most duress was the change to the Pizza and BBQ flavours. With the crunch gone as well as the flavours that coated the outside of the biscuit and quite literally danced on your taste buds.

Arnotts insisted the taste was now 'bolder' with it baked into the biscuit.

On tasting, the populace disagreed, sending Social Media into meltdown expressing their duress and devastation.

Denial soon followed:

"I think some evil genius said something like ... 'people will clear the shelves of any remaining shapes, we'll put the sh--ty replacement ones on the shelf for a week or so, and then bow down to the public's demands and bring back the shapes. We'll be heroes, everyone will remember how much they love shapes, and people will believe in democracy again'," Geoff Burrows wrote.

As the standoff ensued between Arnotts refusing to relent on its changes and every man, woman and quite literally their pets raging, opportunist entrepreneurs arose.

Savvy people who anticipated the outrage who brought in bulk original shapes before the disappear off shelves were now profiting big on EBAY.

Holding all Australia taste buds to ransom as follows:

They were destined to bolt with a bullet to Australia's richest list until Arnotts relented by not admitting their grave mistake, instead, claiming they are 'catering for all' by bringing back the original flavours to accompany the new range

Tell your mum, tell your dad, tell your pet lizard, the original Arnott's Shapes are coming back baby!!!!

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  • Lesson learned for them. Never mess with Straya's buiscuit