Description of What it's Like When I'm Feeling Low

Feeling low; am sure we've all been through that. I feel low often and to be honest I'd like to not feel this way...

I'd like to write this Take to share my feelings :(

1. I feel so lost

Feeling so lost most of the time ain't the best feeling in the world

2. I feel so alone

And as a result, I remain closed off in my own world.

3. I feel like no one understands me

......I don't understand myself, either. :'(

4. I feel so frustrated

....and feel so bad about it.

5. I end up bottling things up

I know it's not right but it helps me calm down. But I am slowly trying to change that.

6. I feel angry


GAGers, how is it when you guys feel low? :( :'(

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  • I feel very similar. Except in #5, I tend to keep it inside myself; not in a bottle. And I think it's very unhealthy for me to do that. More and more stress, pressure, negative thoughts, etc. just keep building and building. At some point I will explode and go crazy. Writing these feelings down sometimes helps. I should do that more often. It's kind of like a way to get it out of my system. And then burn that piece of paper.

    • tried to write my thoughts down and stuff didn't helped me at all... and i am familiar with going crazy after that build up of hidden emotions and losing track :'(

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  • I feel like my life is turning upside down. I feel like my life is useless. I feel cheated. I feel drowned in my own sorrow.

    • am sorry you're feeling this way

    • I an not feeling that way but I gave you material to add to your story. You added only 6 items. So add these 4 and make it 10-------As for me , I am a person with positive attitude on life. My motto is Don't Panic in such situations. Keep your mind sharp in the moments during a crisis. Remain clear-headed , collected and focused so you can respond timely and use your best judgement. Having the right attitude keeps yourself emotionally and mentally healthy. This could save your life. Have the determination to overcome your difficulties.

    • i'd take these in consideration thanks

  • I know the feeling - Even you ever want to talk to me on GaG about how you are feeling, you can PM me.

  • Im glad that you are expressing yourself in a creative way. It isn't good to bottle up your emotions like some people often do.
    Just be sure to not let the emotions control your life and you will be good. :)

    • I've used to have this bad habit of bottling things up... until i feel comfortable with someone to share my feelings with...

  • I think that you just say that you feel those ways instead of actually feeling..


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