Things Are Funnier When it Hasn't Happened to You: Why You Should Think Before You Joke

Things Are Funnier When it Hasn't Happened to You: Why You Should Think Before You Joke

Look, I'm not about PC police and I don't give a fuck about sjw free speech snowflake bullshit, so don't read this like I'm telling you you can't joke about this or that. This is more about being a decent human being than free speech. And understanding how something could (*shocker*) actually not be as funny as you think it is.

For starters, let's say you're fat. 350-400 lbs fat. Yeah if you're not an uptight person you can still chuckle at a decent comedian making jokes about not fitting through doors and getting out of breath when you try to run and that whole bit, but it still stings wouldn't you say?

Not that bad and hey its not the end of the world, I get that. Let's ramp it up a bit then.

How about race jokes? We've all heard how black people like that fried chicken and white people can't dance, but you could go further than that. How about cops always profiling black people? Or Asians and small dicks? Is everyone still laughing? Thai people are ladyboys and Muslims are terrorists, all those stereotypes start to hurt when all of a sudden it's you that's the butt of the joke. A professional comedian can deliver it in a way that most people still find agreeable, even hilarious. Dave Chappell? Race jokes all the time and he's funny. Jeff Dunham can make racist muslim jokes in Saudi Arabia and still get a laugh. But the random internet schmuck trying to be funny with no set up and no timing can come across as well, just a schmuck. You're not a millionaire who gets paid to make GOOD jokes for a living. You're not as funny as you think you are.

Nothing too bad yet I don't guess, can we keep going?

How about suicide, is that funny? To someone who's actually had the gun to their head begging to be free of the pain they can't stop feeling, I swear to god it's NOT as hilarious as you think it is. Imagine how many tears you have to cry and how numb and devoid of happiness and miserable you would have to be to kill yourself. Imagine their loved ones that come home and find someone they care about hanging from a door or their head blown apart by a shotgun. The smell of blood, you wake up in the middle of the night years later remembering how it smelled. You have to leave that house forever because the stains never come out. Really, I want you to imagine it. That hasn't happened to you has it? That's why you're able to joke about it.

How about rape, is that funny?

Have you ever been raped? I don't fucking recommend it. If you think it's a riot of laughter to be slammed into a hard floor, beaten, and violated in the most inhuman way possible, then maybe you need help. Or maybe you don't know that what you're joking about ACTUALLY HAPPENS TO PEOPLE. It's not funny to us, just an agonizing reminder of something we desperately want to forget. But it never goes away, not the constant fear, not the bitter sadness and hatred and how much you want to kill the person who did it to you. Knowing they never found him and every night you wonder if he's going to find you or who he's raping right now. Because they never stop. You think it's funny because you can't even fathom the reality of it. It hasn't happened to you.

But why stop there? Surely dead baby jokes aren't at all traumatizing to someone who's lost a child? 9/11 jokes aren't extremely insensitive to someone who lost a loved one that day, right? You get my point I hope.

Again, I don't want you to think that I'm telling what you can and can't joke about, because I'm all for free speech and you should be allowed to say whatever you want. But just because someone like Ricky Gervais or Louis CK has the talent for dark humor, doesn't mean you do as well, and even they aren't above being assholes with some of the jokes they make. You, lowly internet scrub of an amateur, come across as an absolutely insensitive cunt when you try and make those kinds of jokes and you should realize that. You won't, but you should.

I guess like if you agree.


Most Helpful Guy

  • True, people need to be aware of the difficulties of others.
    But comedy is tragedy plus time.
    People really need to realize that you must deal with things you may not want to because there will always be jokes about everything.

    That is how we as a race deal with the constant tragedy of life.

    I had a brutal childhood. I was beaten, psychologically abused to the point of developing ptsd, was molested and neglected by my parents.
    Humor was the only thing that enabled me to survive. It allowed me to deal with the pain. I believe strongly that anything can be funny if presented correctly and not in a malicious way. This life (at least for me) is so terrible that laughing at it occasionally is the only way I can cope.

    I think of the late great comedic genius George Carlin:
    "You can joke about anything.
    Even rape can be funny-
    picture Porky Pig raping Elmer Fudd."

    Does this bring back memories of my own assault? Sure. But the wonderful thing is by being able to laugh at it, I now own that. It cannot hurt me as badly.
    If you are easily offended or triggered by humour - YOU are the problem. YOU need to correct how it affects YOU.
    Obviously it is much different if there is malicious intent behind it but that of corse also means it is not actually humour but rather a malicious attack.

    • You didn't get what I said. I'm not mad at George carlin, or Dave Chappell, or Lois CK. I've heard rape jokes from real comedians and laughed. I thought about killing myself after but at least I started with a laugh.

      The problem I see is everyone thinks their 40 character tweets are as hilarious as a professional comedian with vocal inflections, comedic timing, and knowing how to present horrible things in a way that makes you laugh instead of cry.

      But I guess you didn't feel like reading that part.

    • No need for the passave-aggressive attitude.

      You will have to deal with the world. You will also have to deal with your past.

Most Helpful Girl

  • I agree with you and anybody who could joke or laugh about those kinda things is obviously a disgrace to society.


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  • I guess I agree with that. it can be a gray area sometimes as to what is or isn't ok to joke about. And it all depends on the talent of the comedian to pull it off. Sounds like you've had a rough life so far and I wish you well.

  • How bout growing a skin and understanding the world does not need to change for you, you need to change for the world. Understand this, you will never turn our society in to 1984, I will tell the jokes i like, I will laugh at things i want to. This is all part of freedom of speech, which the idiot children of this generation seem to want to block. Understand something else very clear

    Offense can never be given, only taken, If you are offended by something someone says, some joke someone tells, or anything else. Its your own fault, and its you with the problem not everyone else.

    • Apparently you don't know how to read either.

    • so you basically just gave your reasoning on why you can be a complete inconsiderate moron because ''its up to you to get offended'' dude, say all you want, you are only making yourself look foolish by going over certain boundaries. if you are going to at least do this, make sure its at least well thought out, like the example she gave with dave chapple, but just being a outright jerk is not cool if I take offense or not, nobody wants to be around that

    • @FreedomByChoice @babydyke I could honest to goodness care less about your responses here. Words are meaningless, full stop. If you're offended by what i said, its on you, and irrelevant to me in any form

  • Not being sarcastic at all, you've pointed out truth that jokes are funny but sometimes life is the complete opposite

  • I just want to kill myself after reading this.

  • That's true

  • I agree, I used to think rape was funny "Oh yeah, rape is so funny" until you've been raped. I was raped by my next door neighbor's dog that was genetically cloned in my above ground swimming pool. I tried to fight off the dog, but he was mind linked to me and nobody believed me he could talk. Then I tried to clone my own dog, but he raped me too.
    I hope you enjoyed my captivating story!

  • I dont joke about politics, religion, or race. I won't touch that. I won't even mock a certain things. Its not about being Politically Correct, it is about being cognizant about other peoples feelings, and ideas.


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