Since there are quite a few "Do you believe in god" questions, here is my take on the question.

I believe in god, I just don't believe in the church. Whatever incongruities are existent in religion are based on what people have decided the truth is about god. I mean come on? Condoms are a sin? That belief became a part of Catholicism at the same time the Crusades were going on and they needed more fighters, you do the math.

The biggest thing most people are caught up about is the whole "how can a god that created the whole universe and cares for us all allow children to get cancer and people in Africa to starve" And I have to be honest, when my friend was diagnosed with cancer it definitely changed the way I looked at the world and it made me look hard at what it was I believed.

I Think of god as a scientist. The universe itself is one massive experiment, and as he observes what is happening he must be careful not to interfere with the experiment in order to keep from skewing the results. That he does care about each person on the planet, and would like to make changes in how the world is, but helping a few people is not worth sacrificing the ultimate goal of the experiment. And if this is truly the case, and you were in that position, than a single planet in an entire universe of almost infinite size is not as important as the people living on it think. I believe that god created the universe for some experiment, and he watches as the universe expands infinitely out, carefully observing as life begins to form on certain planets, and watching as those being develop in order to see what they do, until eventually the universe stops expanding, and collapses back in on itself, and that he continues to watch as the next experiment begins. And while it seems contradictory to state that a being who knows everything would be conducting an experiment, I can only guess that the purpose would be to teach rather than to discover.

I know there are probably problems with this, just as any other theological belief, but this is what my answer is.


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  • I like this take on God. Looking at history people have every reason to be suspicious of the Church. Parents are every bit as guilty of misrepresenting God to their children.

  • Really great take. I view God and the universe in a similar way. Thanks for sharing this!

  • The bible does have a take on it, not too dissimilar from your point of view actually.

    The question you ask is; "Why does God allows evil"