Hottest girl (or guy) you've ever seen?

So, you know, after you've seen so many pretty faces, they start to blend together, right? I mean, it takes more and more to impress you. At least, that's how it is for me. But, then I saw this chick: Hannah Cranston who is on ThinkTank on youtube. And, I'm just blown away by how perfect she looks to me. Especially in this video:

Like, her personality isn't the best. And I don't really have a crush or anything, I just cannot stop from admiring how perfectly beautiful her face looks. And, it's not even like a sexual thing or anything. It's just like, "Holy shit. Her face is perfect." Anyone in agreement?

Also, post pictures of people you think have perfect faces, if you think anyone does. And I know perfect is a stretch, but just the closest thing to you.


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  • She looks okay to me.

    But beauty differs from person to person.


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  • Usually the hottest girls you find them on the streets (no, I don't mean prostitutes -_-) so I don't know their name or anything, but many times I've been hypnotized by a girl's beauty when I'm just walking down the street.

    • That never happens to me. Like, most women I just glance over. Maybe there's some brief appreciation for them, but not like this.

  • I had no idea who is the hottest girl i've ever seen until I see Hannah Cranston's instagram acc in this question.

    • So you agree?

    • Definitely I agree with you.

    • Ha. You're the only one, so far. I really thought more people would be really into her.

  • id say mine everytime i look in the mirror.. not being vain

  • I'm ugly and scare away women.

  • She basic. Not hot at all. The hottest I've ever seen? Tough to say. Not really sure.

    • Really? :/

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    • No, no. Not at all. You know, everyone sees beauty in different things and different people. I didn't take offense. It's not like she's my girlfriend or anything. Just some random chick that I was just blown away by. It's just kinda weird to see how many people don't agree, ya know?

    • Yeah true. Some girls I think are attractive people don't think are attractive.

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