My crush wants to smoke weed with me?

Okay well to start I've know this guy for three years now and I've always had a thing for him, we've always both had a secret crush on each other. He just found out I smoke weed, and he smokes too, and he said he really wants to get me high and smoke with me. I've never smoked out of a bong and he's buying one this weekend and he wants me to try it. He said he would pay for me and I told him he didn't have to but he said no I am. Does he like me? Or is this just normal friendly behavior?

What I meant by the secret crush, is that we flirt a lot, and everyone says we do. I don't actually know what he thinks of me...


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  • *sigh* don't smoke weed

    • I don't do it often, I rarely do. but I think he does it a lot

    • It's really not good. I worked with a guy who lost his job because of his weed addiction. It may not be an addiction now but it can easily become one. Don't do it girl. It's a trap and you'll get sucked in

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  • dont do it


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  • "We've always both had a secret crush on each other"
    "... So does he like me?"

    Why do people answer their own fucking questions and then still post them?


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  • If you guys flirt a lot then he probably likes you. If I think someone is cool and I know that they smoke I just might ask them if they want to join me sometime. In your case this could mean something more.