He talks to me when there's no one around, but when other people are around he passes by me without acknowledging me, what does this mean?

This guy from work goes to the same coffe shop I frequent. we interacted once at the coffee shop and he's been saying hi to me ever since. I think after our short interaction at the coffe shop, he started liking me. He looks for me at work, he smiles and says hi only if no one is around. When people are around he passes by starring at the floor and he doesn't talk to me. I tried saying hi to him when people are around but he never looked. Then few minutes when there's no one around he looks at me and waves. I don't know if I should feel offended about this. He always initiates the hi, I only reply to him, but I'm sort of confused and a bit offended...

It feels like he only wants to talk to me when he wants but not when I want.
so why does he avoid me, I need to understand people.
Do you think he likes me?
Why say hi sometimes but not other times and what should I do about this?

  • he avoid me because he doesn't want to embarrass me around people
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  • he avoid me because he doesn't want to embarrass himself if I don't reply to him
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  • he avoid me because he likes me and he's afraid other people would notice
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  • he avoid me because he has a girlfriend
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  • Does he avoid because...
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  • he is embarased of liking you seem pretty clear that you need someone better

    • Why do u think that is?

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    • That's what I fear... there's a possibility he's older than me

    • It sound like it

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  • It sounds like he just talks to you when he's bored. For him to pull that BS around other people is unacceptable. I wouldn't talk to him anymore. At all.


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  • He might be afraid that if his coworkers or boss find out, he would be embarrassed, teased, or fired.


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