Why genetically do Caucasians and Indians have longer eyelashes/thicker eyebrows than Asians?

I'm Asian and sooo many Caucasians & Indians & Arabs I come across have these beautiful long eyelashes. What is the genetic reasoning?


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  • I think it depends if you have the monolid or double lidded eyes.

    • Which one is the lid that has longer eyelashes?

    • @teatea111 Double lidded, the eyelashes aren't actually longer, they're just more pronounced because they aren't hidden by the eyelid.

    • Oh that makes sense
      I'm Asian too but I have double eyelids and my eyelashes are average length

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  • Don't know about brows. y'all seem to have pretty thick fuzzy brows to me. As for lashes, I've only noticed that on arabs.