Just For Fun - The Borg vs. Zombies. Who wins?

Yes, yes, I know, another zombie question, but they're always fun!

So in Star Trek: The Next Generation, we meet a species called the Borg. They are a race of cybernetic organisms tied to a hive mind. There is no individuality, there are no personalities, there are no values... except for the Collective. They do not breed, but they assimilate other cultures and species. They inject their victims with some kind of microscopic devices that latch on to blood and flesh and "robotize" the person. In a real way, they are kind of like zombies, but cybernetic zombies...

With that being said, we all know that zombies turn people into zombies by biting them.

So what would happen if a Borg drone tried to assimilate a zombie? What would happen if a zombie bit a Borg drone? Would they just look at each other like "Dude, really?"


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  • Zombie bites -- depends. I guess that is the "classic" method of turning humans. I've watched so much Walking Dead, though, so I lean toward mass infection already inside humans (which will transpire into a zombie whether they die naturally or not.)

    I don't think the Borg would have much to gain from zombies. Unless there was some unusual use in them they found deserving of their effort.


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  • The thing with the borg is that they only assimilate species that can add to the collective. Zombies don't add anything so they would simply vaporise them from orbit.

    There are some organic life forms that nanites couldn't assimilate though like species 8472, so if the zombie virus falls under that they would destroy the drones.

    • That is a pretty good point. I remember very little about 8472 though, except that they are almost impossible to kill. I was always more of a Next Generation guy. I never really followed Voyager all that much.

    • Yeah, TNG borg were the best they were something to be feared. Voyager's writers turned them into laughing stock.

      The best of both worlds was one of the best ST episodes of all time.

    • Indeed. First Contact... greatest... Star Trek... movie... ever. E... VER!

  • White walkers would win them all but the borg would definitely beat zombies.