At what point do you confirm plans? (with friends or a date)?

I normally wait until a few hours before, then get ready. but I've noticed others tend to say something earlier in the day or the night before.

how about you? and does it matter who did the inviting? if they invited me then I check to see if we're still meeting up, but if I did the inviting I'm going no matter what, so I'll usually just say I'm heading out at ____ time.

  • the day before
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  • the morning of
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  • afternoon of
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  • a few hours before
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  • an hour before
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  • I just show up and hope not to be stood up
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Most Helpful Guy

  • The thing about my best friend that I hate is he never make plans. So I'll get a text hell want to go do something and I'm supposed to be there asap. Well sometimes I'm doing shit lol. he's gotten better but still. I'd like at least a few hours ya know?
    For a day I usually confirm the same day. A few hours ahead of the time. Because sometimes we all have long ass days, on your feet for 12 hours and never got a break, where we just wanna go home after work and do nothing. I get that we can always reschedule a date lol.

    • I'm like your friend. I love random spontaneous plans. planning way in advance drives me crazy sometimes because I'm too impatient to wait.

    • I dont mind it but he wants me there now and like I need to shower if I just got done mowing the lawn or whatever ya know? Then he's like your taking forever dude.

Most Helpful Girl

  • Truthfully, I do it the day before. Usually the evening before that way I can sleep soundly. :]

    At this point, there's only one friend I never confirm plans with.

    We've been friends for 12/13 years, so we let one another know if we can't make it or something changes.


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  • The morning of usually if it's an evening thing. It gives me a chance to plan other things if it doesn't happen.

  • 3 days prior.

  • I do it 2 days before, then the day before, and the day of.


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