Guys, Im curious do guys like girls who wear winged eyeliner?

Guys, Im curious do guys like girls who wear winged eyeliner?

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  • For me I'd have to say "yes" but focusing mostly on Asian girls.

    In some cases any kind of fancy eye-makeup (fake lashes, winged eyeliner, etc) can make an EPIC difference. Example:

    The left girl to me is quite pretty, the right one I'd barely notice (same girl).

    The trouble to me when some Asian girls who don't have much in the way of eyelashes start getting heavy on the eye make-up is that I have no idea how they look without it.

    I've sometimes dated girls who were stunning with their make-up, became incredibly attracted to their face, and then when we went to the bedroom, she asks me for a moment while she heads to the bathroom. Then she takes everything off!

    After that I'm like, "Who are you? Why do you have the same voice as the girl I was just dating? Argh! It's just you without make-up. Couldn't you just wait until after sex to take that off? I could have made it really quick!"

    So to me when a girl makes too bold of a transformation with make-up, and that's the face I fall in love with, I don't mind if that's not the actual underlying face. It's just the same I want to see the same face during those passionate moments when I want to find her so attractive to really bring me to the peak of my sexual mood.

    • Yes I know what your saying it can really transform people, that is kinda weird that she took off her makeup before sex I would just leave it til after.

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    • Excellent. I also don't mind if a girl does a 180 with and without make-up. I fall for the presentation. So I don't mind if she keeps that stuff on during those moments when I want to be most physically attracted to a girl (sex), then she takes it off and maybe doesn't look quite as amazing after that when we cuddle and sleep together.

    • Yeah I know what you mean you like the girl to look her best during sex

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