Why would a guy block a girl on Instagram?

He didn't block me exactly but made it private trust me it's in relation to me.

Jusg curious why he did that. My first instinct was he thinks I am stalking him and doesn't want me to say where he's going and with whom


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  • Stop analyzing everthing


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  • Interesting, I saw another question not too long ago by a girl who was being ignored by a guy friend on instagram. Maybe he thinks you're stalking to him or maybe he just doesn't like or know you enough to be friends on social media. He could also have stuff on his instagram that he doesn't want you to see

    • Yeah it could be that.

    • lmao

    • The thing is, I don't have instagram. However I stalked his friend on Facebook to message him (as in we weren't facbeook friends).

      I didn't think it was HIS friend I thought I was just contacting a guy I knew. However, that guy was acting really weird and clearly suspicious of why I was contacting him out of the blue.

      The same week, my crush made his instagram private.

      I thought he might know I am googling him etc. and just wants to shut me out

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  • How are you so sure it's because of you? Perhaps you are looking at his page too much, and he wants to keep that page private from people checking it so often that aren't following him.

    • I don't even have instagram.

      However, it's so easy to google someone and find out everything you possibly can about them, instagram included.

      I thought it was because of me since I contacted a friend of his in the same week

  • How can u be a hundred person sure that it's coz of u... I mean u just stalk him right u don't comment n all ya? What makes u so sure he did that coz of u

    • Because I contacted his friend recently

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    • No not really, but his friend thought it was weird I could tell.

      I had to stalk his friend on facbeook to message him so he might have thought it was that much more weird since we weren't Facebook friends. Plus I was like oh I'm just being friendly when he took some time to reply.

      Hence I think if he told the other guy, (my crush that is), my crush might've been afraid that I'd try to contact him or that I'm stalking him through social media

    • I highly doubt it that u ve anything to do with it

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