Does leaning into someone in a selfie mean something?

Hey GaGers!

Do you take group selfies? Do you automatically assume that if for example a guy leans to a girl it means they have something going on? Or is it just to squeeze in the photo and they might be just friends?

If you are dating someone and you see a pic of them on facebook or instagram or whatever where they are posing with another person, do you pay attention to it or just ignore it?
Does leaning into someone in a selfie mean something?
A little like this
Any opinions?

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  • I wouldn't have paid attention to that if it weren't pointed out. He could just be leaning in to be more in the shot.

    • Yeah, true :)
      The reason why I paid attention to this is that the guy I am dating is very shy and it seemed a little weird for him to be the one leaning into a girl in a group pic.

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    • Story of my life, no worries. xD

    • Thanks for MHO.

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  • It means you're over analyzing thingsπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ don't worry we all over analyze things too. It might not mean much, people behavior change when there's a camera😊

    • Haha true... I hope so :) this guy just is so shy he barely even initiates convos so I thought it was a little weird.

  • I think it does

    • Well, this is what I thought because the guy is quite shy and it seems weird he leans to the only girl in the pic.

What Girls Said 1

  • I wouldn't think anything of that, it's just what people do in selfies as far as I'm concerned.