My therapist wants me to take the Mensa test for a study she's doing on Bipolar disorder. Should I?

So she gave me a test this past week. I didn't know what it was for, but I took it anyway. I had math and word problems and word puzzles and whatever on it and sequences. It was 15 questions. I got 13/15 right in 10 minutes, but it turns out those questions were practice Mensa questions. Of those who took it without Bipolar disorder, the highest score was 6/15. There was one other person who scored higher than me with a perfect score, but 6 who got the same score that I did. Not all of her patients had taken the test yet.

She wants to see the correlation between Bipolar disorder and intelligence for her study she's orchestrating. Apparently, Bipolar people tend to have an elevated IQ when compared to the average person.

She said she wasn't necessarily expecting me to get a high score to be admitted into Mensa, but she wants to see what percentile I score in when compared to her other patients who do not have Bipolar disorder.

Here's the issue I'm having: I've always believed I was intelligent. Not necessarily Mensa intelligent (I honestly don't believe that I would ever get into Mensa because those people are like Einstein smart) but I also have high expectations of myself. If I score lower than in the 75 percentile, I'm going to feel extremely stupid and I know it'll put me in an episode/depression. But at the same time, I really like my therapist and would like to help her in her study.

The test requires you to score in the top 2 percentile in order to be admitted. So should I do it or not?

  • Take it. It might be fun to find out your IQ.
  • Don't take if it makes you feel uncomfortable
  • Tell your therapist about your concerns and decide with her
  • Other
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Not understanding the hostility towards my therapist...

Whether or not I do it, I really like my therapist and she's really helped me. So for anyone to call her out of her name or insult her or say she's not doing her job or her study doesn't make sense, please, I'd rather you just not comment. I'm a little offended people would talk down about someone who has helped a lot through the worst parts of my life. Just answer the question. If you're incapable of doing so, move on please.


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  • Take the test. You will find the information that provides to be interesting.
    My parents took me to a psychologist when I was 16, to find out what was 'wrong' with me, because I did not have nor want any friends.
    It took only a couple of minutes of conversation for the psychologist to pull out his book of IQ tests. The result put me in the middle of the genius band.
    The psychologist tried, as politely as possible, to explain to my hillbilly parents that the reason that I did not have friends was because interacting with my peers could be compared with volunteering to work with the intellectually disabled. It was mentally exhausting, frustrating and a thoroughly unpleasant experience.
    What the psychologist did not identify, but what I was able to determine when I did a neuroscience subject two years ago, was that I also have high-functioning Asperger's syndrome.
    I see the world differently, process information differently and I have the emotional intelligence of a rock.


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  • Talk it out with her. Your mental health is so important, and if you like there may be some fallout from taking it and not getting the score you'd like it's better to talk through that to have a plan in place. The fallout may not be worth doing it but having that discussion and outlining your fears and consequences could make your choice easier.
    Otherwise if it's something that you're interested in doing for YOU more than helping her I think it's a great idea. Congrats on the score you got from the snippet of the test!


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  • This is not in any way a real study. This is just a pet project of hers. I'm sure there have been many studies on this. There is already a known correlation between intelligence and some types of mental disorders.

    Also, Mensa is not a big deal. The qualifications are not very high. There are a bunch of "smart societies" with considerably higher qualifications.

    If you want to take the test, then go for it. But I don't think you should feel any obligation.

  • I would take it without hesitation. But that is me. If you would feel uncomfortable (or worse) then do not take it. But if you are interested, I think you would enjoy the experience. And finding out that you are not a genius would hardly be a reason to be disappointed or feel depressed.

  • Take the test, I'm in the top 2 percent myself

    • @elarra
      You seem like a smart person, you'll do well even if you aren't top 2 percent

    • You took the test?

    • I've had several IQ tests,
      I went to a therapeutic day school and every three years I had a psych eval which included an IQ test

  • Let's get some things straight
    1- if you score under the 75th percentile, that's still relatively smart. Average is the 50th... 1 standard deviation puts you in the 68th percentile, which I believe is
    15 iq points
    2- mensa doesn't mean you're smart... shit, I got into Mensa, of all people
    3- it's not even that big of a deal. Like, you're making a big deal out of nothing. It's just a few stupid questions. It's not like they're going to make you do calculus. Just solve some puzzles, basic math questions, a few memory shit, correlation words...

  • @Elarra it doesn't sound very scientific, but if you want to take it for a free session then by all means. However, given how you might adversely react to a low test score, I would advise that you do not take it. Your feelings and mental health are more important than any study. Aside from that, what would actually be gained even if her theory holds true? She's not exactly studying stem cells, or nanotechnology.

    • Also, her one study wouldn't prove her theory anyway. More than likely it's too small of a study, and even the mensa test is an objectionable standard with which to test IQ. IQ, is actually very hard to measure, along with intelligence. People actually thought that Einstein was slow, and it just turns out that he was wired differently for a unique purpose.

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    • @Elarra It's your decision. Just my two cents on it, but I did sign up for a few VA studys. One took a genetic sample and will compare it with my medical records over a lifetime to study the relationship between genetics, diseases, and how treatments respond. There was no gain for me, I just did it because it can possible lead to better treatment options in the future for millions of people. I just don't see what this study really would accomplish.

  • take it

  • " If I score lower than in the 75 percentile, I'm going to feel extremely stupid and I know it'll put me in an episode/depression. But at the same time, I really like my therapist and would like to help her in her study. "

    Do NOT take the test. The risk is far, far greater than the reward if this is the case.

  • You are not a guinea pig tell her to find somebody else

  • Stop overreacting. So what if you don't reach 75% ?

    Maybe then you aren't as smart as you think and gotta work with some humility.

    • Lol, spoken like someone who isn't smart. Go work on your own intelligence before you question mine. You seem like a very benighted person and I don't have time for people like that.

    • Ever heard of the word "if" ? You know it's meaning, right? Correct. I didn't say you wouldn't reach it. I asked you what's the issue if you didn't.

      For someone accusing others of a lack of intelligence and wanting to appeal as extra smart by using an unusual word like "benighted", your reading comprehension really is lackluster.

      Or you might have some issues with psychological projection. Maybe you know you aren't that smart and thus felt instantly offended and had to get defensive once I mentioned the possibility.

      Especially when you reply to me and then instantly block me to make yourself seem better to the public eye. Pathetic. I dread the fact that apparently you are teaching kids with an attitude like this.

      Don't worry though. You don't need to block me again since I don't plan to waste any more time on you. Feel free to report me as well - since the damage is already done and you made a joke out of yourself already.

    • P. S. My professional IQ test during 7th grade figured out I am highly gifted and was in an after school activity only for highly gifted kids. Additionally I scored 99% and 97% in two out of the three scores in the german university equivalent to the Mensa-test. Only in linguistic aspects I barely reached 70%.

      The next time you should pick your fights better, if you want to appear superior.

  • why not?

  • Take the test. You may find that you are super smart.

  • are you seriously letting someone label you and tell you that you have something wrong with you? i dont get people these days.

    • Labels hold people back, and leave the doors open for them to be scrutinised. It seems as if everyone like to have something wrong with them. it is like a fashion statement.

    • Um okay lol, has nothing to do with the question, but okay 😂😂😂

  • Take the chance on the test it could be fun to find out your IQ.

  • mental illness doesn't exist, dump her.


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  • I didn't vote because correlation does not equal causation and it sounds like you are having a manic episode.

    This isn't how studies are conducted. Actual studies are blind or double blind. I wish you the best.

    • Not necessarily. Studies are out of the observers control. A randomized experiment is more what you're talking about. Since she doesn't have control over the tests, it still qualifies as a study.

    • Find someone to back you up on that. Sorry I didn't tell you what you wanted to hear but please do seek help.

    • I agree.
      I was reading how she's doing this test and what she's describing and the results so far and it all just seems so not possible.
      I also don't understand how she can possibly account for as many extraneous variables as possible. To conclude (as she has so far) that Bi Polars are smarter, well the psychologist seems a bit bias if she's trying to prove her belief opposed to testing a hypothesis.

      I got those same scores on a mensa test, I don't have Bi Polar. I already don't fit in her data which says apparently nobody scored over 6/15?

  • A
    but give these jerks NOTHING for FREE
    ask - what's my pay?
    and "free test" is NOT good enough

    • I get a free therapy session

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    • It's really not that serious to me to ask her to pay me and I don't know why you think she's a jerk. I don't have to do it and she made that clear but I think a session for free is a fair deal honestly.

    • It's your life to spend
      Jerk = past experiences with docs & esp. counselors & even some teachers!
      Once they hook you into planning to spend time with them, they milk you to pay - not only fr their grocery money - but also frills like fancy cars, 2nd homes = cash cow you
      In this case, it begins with free time/energy thrown at her report that could make HER (not you) rich someday, or at least honored, same scheme.

  • First off Mensa isn't the end all be all for deciding intelligence. I've taken it and scored very well but then taken other IQ tests and came in at "average". my parents recently told me test results as a child showed me as "highly intelligent" but they kept the info from me all through school and growing up so as to not taint me or my learning potential. I think if you trust and like your therapist, tell her your concerns and listen to her guidance.

  • From the little I've read of your comments and opinions,
    I trust and believe it won't get you down as much as you're concerned.
    Like a few have said, discuss it with your therapist, but on a casual basis.
    Don't dwell on how the results could affect you emotionally.
    You're smart and intelligent. If you become aware of the results,
    it doesn't change who or how you are now. See it as an experience for
    learning and contributing.
    I took a test that concluded my career choice should be an undertaker!
    Lol. How depressing is that?