Is it true that white girls love black guys?

I can't believe how common I see this being asked. From what I see, most white girls DO NOT like black guys. But most black guys are dating white girls but because the way the populations are (by race) it means most white girls do not date black guys. I'd say about <5% of white girls (in relationships) are with black guys... BUT I'd say around 70% of black guys in relationships are with white girls. Does that make sense? But that's just where I live. In my country there are very few black people and blacks don't really hang around with whites all that much. There isn't a lot of black guys for white girls to choose from.

In America, where there are much more black people, where people are much more liberal, aren't racist and most of all are integrated. Is it the same there? Like white girls have much more black guys to choose from, and they aren't racist. And America is more diverse. Like in my country every neighborhood is like 99% white. But in America only like 50% would be white. So white girls there are much more open about IR dating and they also are surrounded by lots of black guys. Like aren't groups of friends over there like all mixed? Here, most groups of friends are all white. Over there, wouldn't a group of 10 friends, have like at least 2 be black, and 2 be asian? Like Americans aren't segregated right? So white girls in the US are much more likely to date black guys?

Hence why I ask the question. In America, do most white girls like/date black guys?

Disclaimer: I am not trolling, it's a legitimate question. Secondly I am not even white (I am Latino) so I amen't asking this from a sad white guy perspective. I am just asking a general question. So please just answer. If you're from the US (especially a city) please share your opinion as I feel you live in the society which white girls are most probable to date black guys. So I'd love to hear what if it's different to where I live. And lastly, no I am not racist, nor do I think IR dating is wrong.
Yeah it's true for most white girls
No that's false. A small minority of white girls date black guys
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Is it true that white girls love black guys?
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