Her mom invited me over their place for dinner?

I've been dating this girl for roughly a month and a half now.. we've gone on four dates.. haven't even kissed yet because she seems to want to take things somewhat slow.

We don't talk much every day, actually we don't really talk much period. We text back and forth maybe once every other day, I call to set up a date and we hang out once a week for like 5 hours or so.

So it surprised me when she and her mom popped up where I work, and they came over and talked to me for a while. She barely talks to me while her parents are around I've noticed.. I don't know why she doesn't say much, even if I ask her questions she answers them but then silence and I'm back to talking with the mom who loves to talk lol.

Anyway the mom invited me over for dinner next weekend, and I said I'd love to. It's just weird.. does that mean that both the mom and the daughter sees us as boyfriend/girlfriend? I thought we were just dating but coming over and meeting her parents and having dinner definitely sounds like she sees me as her boyfriend.. if she wants me to come over too.

Is that the case? Is our relationship more serious to her than I thought It was, or is the mom just being nice inviting me over and the daughter maybe didn't want that? She didn't stop her mom from inviting me over..maybe they've even talked about it? What does all this mean?
Her mom invited me over their place for dinner?
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