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If you own a cat, do you trim its claws?


If so, what is your method? Cats don't like getting their nails trimmed.

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This question was inspired by Vivant who posted a video of a guy wrapping a dog like a burrito.

My wife and I tried doing that a couple times to a cat when we wanted to trim its claws. It didn't go well.
At some point I discovered that if I wanted until she was sleeping or lying down all contented and relaxed, I could grasp one paw at a time and trim the nails.
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After one paw, she was done with it. So, rather than making it an unpleasant experience for her, I came back another time and did another paw at a later date.

The cat became accustomed to it over time. She didn't like it, but she didn't get upset unless I persisted beyond her patience. She knew I wasn't planning to hurt her.

I've found that works with all cats.

If you own a cat, do you trim its claws?
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