What does it mean when you care about someone, deeply, and you don't know why?

This person has repeatedly hurt you, and they even rejected you before but you still want them. You want them to be happy and you would do anything to see them smile and you care about them unconditionally. You would possibly even sacrifice yourself to make sure they're okay. You know you shouldn't want them so much and you've NEVER felt this way about another person. You care about them so much that it hurts you LITERALLY. You feel dumb for still caring about them even though they treated you like scum but you can't stop having these feelings for them. You feel like if they were to ever give you a chance that you could be so perfect together. You feel like you are perfect for them even though they don't realize it.

What does this mean? Why do you care about them so much? Why can't you stop caring about them?


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  • That's love. It sucks but that's just how feelings work, even if you don't want them, you'll sometimes have them.

    You don't have a switch to turn off your feelings, though that would come in handy quite some time.

    Best thing is to try to cut contact with that person, get your own life back on track and try to forget him.

    • :'( It's gonna be hard but thank you.

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  • hii, there...

    i am in this exact same situation and have been for a little over a year and a half now. I had intended for it to just be a one-night stand (as bad as that sounds), buuut the good Lord had other plans. now, someone that I never expected myself to be happy with is the guy that I want to spend the rest of my life with. I haven't ever felt this way about anybody, and I honestly don't think that I ever will again.

    he's dragged me through Hell and high water in the time I've known him. he's lied to me, he's made me cry, he's broken my heart...and I've done my fair share of hurting him as well. but we've also had a lot of amazingly wonderful times together. he's even the guy that I lost my virginity to.

    we haven't been an official couple for almost a year now, but we've "talked" for the majority of the time we've spent broken up. people tel me all the time how stupid I am for holding onto him and trying to make things work out again...and I myself admit that it's not the smartest decision. if we ever actually do get back together, it will honestly be a miracle. to put it simply, it's a total long shot...and even I realize that.

    but even in spite of everything...i love him. and I think that the same rings true for you. you love the person that you discussed in your question. everything that you described...that's exactly what love is. you love this person. "and when you love someone, you don't give up."

    good luck, darling!

    God bless,



    • Thank you so much! I only have one problem though: him and I were never in a relationship but it felt like one in and out. And I'm afraid because I think he has feelings for me even though he's denied it. But his actions, sometimes, say he does.

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