6 Ways To Repair Your Relationship After Cheating.

Regardless of whom you hurt by being unfaithful and how he or she reacted, there’s no question that infidelity can really shake up any romantic relationship.6 Ways To Repair Your Relationship After Cheating.

A friend of mine is looking for answers on how to repair a relationship after the significant other cheated. Lovelies, here's a take on that.

1. Don’t automatically assume the relationship is doomed.

Leaving a damaged partnership can sometimes be a cop out — a way to avoid taking responsibility or recognizing your own faults. Instead, assume that staying together is equally possible, if you’re willing to put in the hard work required.

2. Acknowledge that you’ve created a problem.

It might seem simple, but if you don’t come to terms with the fact that you messed up, and therefore messed up the relationship, the healing process won’t go anywhere.

6 Ways To Repair Your Relationship After Cheating.

3. Cut off communication with the other man or woman.

It goes without saying that the first step to repairing a relationship after infidelity is ending the affair, but that means more than no longer having sex with the other person.

4. Limit the times when you talk about the infidelity.

That’s because positive distraction — whether that’s seeing a movie or going out to dinner together — can be really important for the future of the relationship and for the happiness of both partners.

5. Give your partner time to heal.

Shutting him/her down or implying that he/she should be “over it” already will only make the situation worse.

6. Be honest with yourself and with your partner.

After weeks, months, or even years of dishonesty, relationship experts say that one of the most important steps to repairing the relationship is being completely open and honest. If your partner has a question about the affair, answer it to the best of your ability.

6 Ways To Repair Your Relationship After Cheating.

Besides, forgive him/her only if you feel like you can't trust him/her again, and if he/her is really sorry.

[I haven't posted any Take in long. And Angelina25 is back with this Take once again!]

P.S: All my lovely people out there, remember no one deserves to be treated as a side kick. No one deserves to be treated as trash. Just respect yourself enough. And love yourself.

All love,

Angelina25 <3

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Most Helpful Guys

  • The REAL ways to repair the relationship:
    1. Kick the bastard or bitch to the curb.
    2. See 1.
    3. See 1.
    4. See 1.
    5. See 1.
    6. See 1.

  • In most cases there is no way of repairing a realtionship after cheating. Trust is gone and respect is mostly also gone and that is very hard to fix and people that cheat usually cheat again.


Most Helpful Girls

  • One thing that you shouldn't do is disallow a partner to ask about the affair.
    It definitely needs to be talked about and the discussion should never be shut down.
    Never use it against that person out of spite when you think it's convenient for you.
    Understand that there is no time frame as to how long it should take for a partner to get over being betrayed.
    One more thing seek relationship counselling.❤


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What Guys Said 46

  • That's a load of crap.

    It is one step and only 1

    When your mate cheats, dump your mate and never have anything to do with them again. That is the only step.

    Anyone who'd still be with their mate after they screw someone else is just a fool.

    You don't EVER stay with an unfaithful cheater. Under no circumstances ever.

  • there is no trurly sorry
    there is no im sorry it will never happen again
    there is no trust
    - get the F out and never show up near my sight ever again :)
    nomatter who cheated thats what u should do always!

  • A relationship cannot be repaired after cheating. At least not effectively. Any attempts are equivalent of trying to stop a building from collapsing with duct tape. And even if we ignore that, you absolutely should NEVER even try to repair a relationship after cheating. THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO EXCUSE OR A VALID REASON FOR CHEATING. EVER. If you cheated, accept the fact that you are a worthless piece of shit and that your partner will break up with you if he/she has more than 2 brain cells.

  • 2|2
    • "No one deserves to be treated as trash. Just respect yourself enough. And love yourself."

      Which is why I terminate any relationship as soon as I learn about being cheated on.

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    • Lol its not very common in 21st century and trust me you can ask plenty of woman here in 35's about it and they will confirm. There is another reason tooo... I think 90% of guys would love to have kids and chances of pregnancy drop significantly with advance age like at the age of 40,
      the chance of pregnancy is just 40 % as compare to 100% at 30 years of age.

    • @AlphaGhost Better for me. I am childfree.

  • Lots of good advice there - When the point of cheating comes up, the kneejerk response by about 95% is "Break Up" BUT in cold light most of us will discuss the issue to see if it is final maybe instigating a trial period to sort it one way or the other.

  • This was kind of on the nose, honestly... Why not write a MyTake about the side that actually has a difficult time moving on from the cheating? The person that got cheated on... they have to come to terms with their own role in the relationship falling apart too. No one ever talks about the wrong that the cheated on partner did that lead to their partner straying from their side.

    • I know this is going to sound really bad, but I cheated on my ex recently. I was in an abusive relationship and had tried whatever I could think of to break up and he wouldn't let me go, to the point where I felt completely trapped and powerless, and less than a human being with choice. So.. I cheated.. because I was so desperate at the time and saw no other way for him to let me go.. and it worked. Note that I'm a very messed up human and that no one should get into these situations in the first place. As soon as red flags appear you RUN.. anyways.. it was the most liberating thing I could've done for myself in that particular case. It was my first relationship as well, I would never have imagine myself doing something like that.

    • @hime889 You cheating was your way of saying that you had had enough, though. Your ex's bad behavior led you to that point, and if your ex wants to be a better man, he needs to realize that he was being abusive.

  • Or you can break up and find someone who won't cheat on you. If you're the cheater, you've gotta seriously evaluate your character.

    Only time it's worth trying to fix is if you're married with kids.

  • 1. It’s doom
    2. I didn’t create problem other then trying
    3. I've done that to different degree. She like a cat. Won’t go away
    4. Idc. If we talk we talk. It’s my home. At least she keeps it clean ish and cooks.
    5. Heal. Duck it
    6. Told her I can do better. If she lands jail or die. I couldn’t care less.

  • Great Take

    I always heard a lot of people saying they won't take back a cheater. However that's really hard to decide if you're not in that situation. I see many, many couples make their relationship work after one partner cheated. So it can happen.

  • This is a good Take on a very difficult Topic. In a relatively small number of cases, it is possible to repair a relationship after cheating, and this does provide a good Roadmap.

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What Girls Said 20

  • i have never, nor would i ever ever cheat on my significant other, and I have never been with a guy who has cheated on me (i don't think so anyway)
    That being said, O&W, you have proven yourself again to be able to write wise takes-good thoughts here.

  • Sorry, but my guy has one chance. If he screws up, that is the end. No talks, no second chances, no reconciliation. It would NEVER be the same. If he is ever late home, where is he? The trust that I gave him, without question, at the beginning would be destroyed. He knows all this, so it is his choice.

  • In my opinion, there's no point in repairing a relationship after cheating. If the partner cheats, you end it, period. You don't need an unfaithful SO in your life. Of course, don't go and consistently bash them for doing such an act, it was wrong, yes but it's best to move on.

  • The root of infidelity is deeper than just bringing another guy or girl into the equation of your relationship.
    It comes from a shaky set of values. Usually men and women who cheats have unhealed issues and haven't yet define their own qualities.

    I clean my body everyday, go to sport, eat healthy vegan food sometimes great restaurant, wake up early, dress well smell good so cheating means that I will have to share it with 2 different men at least for the sake of what?

    • Because you feel entitled, get a rush from "tricking" one or both of the, it makes you feel powerful, and you can get back at all men for what your daddy did so long ago?

  • i could never trust them again. there is no way i could feel good about where i would stand if they cheated.

    • i would question every time they left the house or had a night out and i would rather leave then be paranoid

  • I think once the trust is broken, it’s done.

    They obviously had no love for you if they went ahead and cheat on you behind your back. That’s not how it goes.

    Once a cheater, always a cheater.

    Every next time will become easier cheating and less guilty. So nah I’m outta here.

    • Meanwhile with your secret second and third Facebook accouts right?

  • I don't believe a relationship can truly be mended when someone cheats, the person cheated on will always be thinking about it, if they don't text back in time they'll get suspicious and worried, the list goes on. Kick em down and run

  • How about just dont cheat 😆. if you feel the need or that you're unsatisfied then leave.

  • I like this article. Now I no what to to do if this ever happens to me.

  • I would just end it. I will forgive and be friends with him later but never going back to being in a relationship.

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