How to deal with a busy husband!

How to deal with a busy husband!
How to deal with a busy husband!

Busy Husband?
How to deal with your husband if he keeps busy most of the time?

This is a question most middle aged women must be asking themselves. There comes a time in everybody's life when work takes precedence over everything else. If you husband is busy and can't give you time then you have to learn how to deal with your husband at this stage of your life. After all successful marriages are not made in heaven. You have to work it out practically on this planet.

How to deal with Busy Husband?

If you want a successful marriage then heed this marriage advice for dealing with you situation.

He is working for the two of you and your children if you have any. If you understand this simple fact then it will go a long way in solving your problems. Before you blame him please understand that the money he is earning is not just for himself.

You do need financial success to survive in this world. If you are a homemaker then you feel the pinch of your busy husband's absence even more. But now a days people are going for double income set ups because with the rising inflation rates it is difficult to manage.

If you were working in his position what would you do? Ask yourself that question and you will get all the answers by yourselves. You can understand his work pressures if you put yourself in his shoes.

You have to know how to keep your man. It is important for your marriage that you keep your husband interested in you. No matter how busy your husband is, he should come back home to you. If you keep cribbing about how he is always late then it will drive him further away from home.

Greet him with a smiling face so that he feels welcome at home.

You have to understand that his stress levels are high so if you know how to deal with your husband then you won't do anything to aggravate it.

Try to keep your cool because he will be prone to lose it. Be careful how you deal with his temper tantrums because there may be many. Sometimes ego needs to be kept aside in favor of empathy. When you are getting squeezed at work and you come home to complains, a sense of worthlessness sets in

You sex life will suffer due to your husband's schedule but you will have have to deal with that too. Try talking to him and find a way that is suitable for both of you.

Keep yourself occupied with constructive hobbies. If you like reading join a library or a a cooking class. This will keep your own stress levels down and you won't have empty time on your hands.

If you learn how to deal with your husband from these easy tips then your marriage can be saved.

How to deal with a busy husband!
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Most Helpful Guys

  • laker-23-
    Go out of your way to show that you want some attention from him when he gets home from work have dinner made and wear something sexy! Take control bring him to the bedroom or even right there in the kitchen but you have to blow his mind like do something you know he will go crazy over and after when your in bed laying with him tell him that you two could have nice little nights together a couple times a week and just leave the work stuff at the office and when he gets home his focus is on you but like I said you are going to have to take control and blow his mind and make him think that if he shows more attention to you than he will get something in return... I know it’s maybe not what you wanted to hear but he is a guy and sex is always a way for a guy to try harder for something haha
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  • AynonOMouse
    Women should work and contribute financially so the man isn't so busy with work all the time. WTF is wrong with some of these women? They turn into sluts because their man is working and they get to sit on their lazy butt most of the day. That's dumb. And that is why it is better to never pay for a woman when getting to know her until she pays for the man first just to see if she is going to be one of those greedy selfish types that only values his money and doesn't want to contribute herself.
    Sure there are some good women, but obviously there are also some that are worthless disloyal POS people too.
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    • hhues

      There are men that want a housewife to sit at home all day and care for the kids. For my family, all of my mom's income was going toward childcare, so it was better to stay home and take care of us while my dad worked.

      Most women dont want that, but some women do, and that's okay. It doesn't make them a slut.

Most Helpful Girls

  • brittslitt
    Ok does she want to be poor or does she want a roof over her head?

    If she's got issues with her man being a provider she needs to take that dang bath robe off, put on a business suit, and take her tail to work.
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    • brittslitt

      I just can't stand lazy airheaded chicks. like get off your asses

    • smg99

      This is the personal arena of concern regarding non communication. Many high powered working couples face this regardless of being busy.

      There is a breakdown in communication that often arises due to inter personal resentment and often misunderstanding or at times cowardice of men who won’t deal with conflict with talk.

      Their rationale is we are stubborn and want to persist. If as a spouse you are ‘stone walled’ it gets worse from thereon.
      Fight for communication it’s part of why relationships need to exist at all.
      Without it, senseless one night stands with numerous sexual partners can be the norm not the exception.

      Working guarantees nothing but financial advantage. So they end up prospering , but the communication problem exists then what?

      They get divorced albeit comfortably? Or stay in a broken home where children sense the cold awkwardness of no communication?

      It’s money yes 98% but 2% humanity and higher reasoning or communication should exist to address each other as just as possible.

      Built up resentment doesn’t disappear if his wife started working. Maybe she does maybe she doesn’t. It’s a means to an end.

      I’ve experienced this and yes I don’t work much I’m just fortunately a rich bitch. Yet my husband stone walled me. He’s got nothing to be arrogant about but they do get this way.

      Too poor a girl they are a burden etc.
      Too rich we are beyond control and spoilt , seen as emasculating them if we use our own money we were bringing into the equation.

      Resentment knows no logic it just becomes an avalanche.

  • smg99
    They get busy either genuinely or to avoid their partner intentionally. Why bother with fickle clowns.

    But ask them why it’s been like this for some time now.
    Men are scary !!
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  • Gedaria
    Don't get angry. Distract him , try stripping off and play with your self, play with his cock. My wife died something similar I was working in the workshop under the house, I heard her come down stairs. All she had on was a smile, I have problem I t needs sorting out, as she started to play with her pussy, I stood there just watching and getting more aroused by the second. It was the first time we had had session down it was great...
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  • ranger32
    Good take. Communication is important as well. Men too should try to not bring the stress of work home as well.
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  • TonyMetal86
    Beautiful take sweet lady 🙂
    Tbh with you, i prefer to have a housewifem the basic role for a married woman and i'm a man enough to work hard to support her and thank god that i'm able...

    Now for my job to become my 1st priority, thay's never going to happen, if i'll marry a girl, she will always be my 1st priority and sometimes if i'm busy a lot and she needs me a lot, maybe she will appear to me naked or in sexy lingerie, i'll throw everything in my hands and eat her alive, i'll never send her to bed sad or feeling unwanted...

    This girl gave me her life and herself, nothing comes before her and she will alwaya be my priceless wife... i hope to meet someone someday so i be able to live this life again 😊
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  • hotdog666
    Cook his favorite food. Maybe it will draws to his attention
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  • zuricose
    You should tax him because that seems to be the solution to all the problems these days
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  • pizzalovershouse
    usely excess emonital baggage ruins relationships to
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  • StickStickity13
    This is when women cheat. "but you're unavailable" smh
  • katiekeee
    Make yourself busy too
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  • shereeyaa
    Make a secret lover.
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    • ranger32

      Or not you cheating whore.

    • shereeyaa

      If a men is fuckin busy in hid life what do u expect? Waste our life? Marriage is not like 'You do & you forget' if this happens so Yea I'll make a secret lover who understands me, care for me, make me feel happy.

    • ranger32

      The fact that you have the audacity to betray your SO's trust when he works his ass off to ensure that you have a roof over your head and food on your table tells me that you don't deserve any meaningful relationship you dirty worthless whore.

      He isn't busy for selfish reasons and you on the other hand can only think for yourself.

      What a waste of oxygen.

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  • Tdieseler
    Do you have a busy husband?
    • Chikky


    • Tdieseler

      i know a lot about relationships... even to the point of rewriting the dating system... but i dont say nothing about marriage or kids... why? cuz i dont have any (and no experience), but I've dated the best of the best and the worst of the worst lol

    • Chikky

      Even if am not in one doesn't mean i shouldn't talk about one

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  • Secretgardenblood
    If you have busy husband you should leave him
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    • If the woman worked and contributed instead of sitting on her lazy butt, he wouldn't have to be so busy working in the first place.

  • Akej18
    ThNks for sharing!
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  • John_Doesnt
    Become a less needy wife.
  • SamiDz
    Divorce is the solution.
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  • Anonymous
    I am in exactly the opposite situation. Girl is literally working and career 24/7. I'm so over her
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  • Anonymous
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  • Anonymous
    Have a guy on the side!
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  • Anonymous
    The responses from the women are pretty scary. All are negative towards busy husbands. How many of these women want successful husbands? This is why many men don't want to marry today. People might mock the idea that women don't appreciate good men but look at the answers, they'd literally leave or cheat on a husband busting his ass to provide them with the nice things in life. Women accuse men of being commitment phobes but who are the ones being disloyal here?

    The good thing for you OP however, and my girl is just the same, is that women like you who actually give a shit about that stuff, are rare and therefore highly attractive.
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  • Anonymous
    Put laxatives in all his meals and then take all the toilet paper out of the bathroom. That way he is not choice but to talk to you. You're welcome.
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  • Anonymous
    The wisest advice!
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