I'll never call my girlfriend "creepy" ever again

Ill never call my girlfriend creepy ever again

Before anyone gets worried, I promise this is a (almost) joke post.
So, for a number of big reasons, last week has been quite a though week for me, as I was (and I still am) dealing with a big number of problems and issues at work and on a personal level.
I'm doing my best to handle everything in the best way I can and help out everyone, although this obviously does take some toll on me.
My girlfriend too is very busy with her new career and in helping out and taking care of as many people as she can (not only because it's her job, but also because she's really a kind and caring woman).
A couple of evenings ago the stress and tension was so dense it could have been very possible to cut it with a knife, and since my girlfriend was tired but I was in the mood for some exercise, I was setting out to do some evening jogging.

Ill never call my girlfriend creepy ever again

Believe me, nothing eases my tension more than some light jogging.
So, while I was getting ready to go out, my girlfriend asked if I wouldn't have preferred to stay in and watch one of our favorite slash horror movies with her. The movie in question is "our" movie in the sense that's the one we watch to top off our movie nights marathon and sometimes when we have our romantic evenings.

Ill never call my girlfriend creepy ever again

My girlfriend being an artist in her free time and having done a number of photography, drawing and writing related to the movie, a full essay on how she identifies with the protagonist, etc. it's easy to understand why it's a big deal for her and by proxy, for me.
However, since I was more in the mood for some fresh air, and actually needed it, I playfully joked that she could wait for me a little as I would have done only a quick couple of rounds of the park and would have been back home in time for "her creepy stuff".

Okay, I wasnt that harsh...
Okay, I wasn't that harsh...

She laughed as well, and I didn't realize she had taken it harsher than I thought.
We were both stressed and tired and this weekend she only wanted to cuddle, for me to hold her, etc.
And she kept asking me what "was bothering me", that I seemed "off, gloomy" etc.
In the end I told her it was all the same work and work-related and some friends stuff, and too vented out about her stress at work, and then the usual lecture about how "we can't help everyone". Also, my playful comment got her paranoid that it could be one of the reasons we haven't been intimate all week, when really we were just stressed and tired.

Ill never call my girlfriend creepy ever again

I have had to reassure her that it wasn't the case and apologize for it, I was lighthearted and didn't realize she'd take it seriously or that I upset her with my words.
Then of course I put on "our" movie and we made up!

Long story short, the thing I'm trying to say is to never assume, even if you have known your partner for years now.
Even if we have been in a relationship for mere months now, I have known her for almost eight years now and I always saw her as the cool, confident and level-headed type - although naturally she too has her soft spots and naturally wants to be able to lower her guard and be vulnerable with me.
Another lesson I got reminded of, is that she's not the only one working to help me out with my issues - I too have to do the same with her because she too has her own insecurities and sensibilities.

In short, that's a little something I learned (maybe more than learned, reminded of) last evening and a little lesson about why I will never call her "creepy" again, especially as a joke!
Thank you for reading!

I'll never call my girlfriend "creepy" ever again
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  • PinkChampagne
    More like instead of never call her creepy again it should be that you should be careful what can hurt her from your words... I mean it's not only one word "creepy" that can hurt her for sure... If you say this which I think is totally true because I do this too (to naturally lower my guard around my boyfriend so we are comfortable around each other), this can make the person more sensitive because in the end happen things which you haven't expected, things which you thought they won't happen, so that's why you lower your guard, and then the moment when the one is hurt comes... so basically I wanted to say that the lesson shouldn't be "I'll not call her creepy" but "I'll try to not hurt her" ☺️ and this should not be one way only... I take this as lesson too, I will try to not ever again hurt my boyfriend and friends and everyone should have one in mind too ☺️
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    • You are perfectly right, that's what I meant.
      Naturally I understand that I should never (and never will) call her "creepy" or make other insensitive comments ever again, but also be more mindful about the words I use when talking about things, especially things she's sensible about.
      I'm happy you find this useful as well and I agree with you that we should all think like this!

    • Thank you too for sharing it

  • Saffygirl
    Sweetie, that's life. You never stop learning :)
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Most Helpful Guys

  • irielion82
    I've always taken issue with the word "creepy". If I use it its said as a harsh insult and if said about me I wanted to know why so I could stop or change it REAL quick. Luckily it's been a LONG time since it's been uttered towards or from me. Although there are definitely some creepy fucks on gag!
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  • Avicenna
    Sounds like her reaction was due in part to underlying challenges, but you're definitely right that we need to take our partner's feelings into account when we make jokes.
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  • JackPreacher
    Allow me to say one thing should be known for all men and women, the person you have chosen as your partner to be intimate with is the person you give and endowed with the power to hurt you in hopes she/he will use that power to heal you nurse you and support you as you will he/she, and never use that power to hurt you but instead protect you, as you will he/she.
    Now regarding hurt other people with words... Well I can see where you can hurt someone's feelings, specially a significant other but hey only people that can have their feelings hurt are those whom are told the truth on their face in a direct way with not one adornment. But let's be honest words can't hurt people, it can hurt their feelings that yes something intangible, and only merits to return words in the same hurtful manner this does not wives you license to go violent on another person.
    Man up or Women up and face your enemy in the same battle ground with the same arms, don't try to find and excuse to go go physical otherwise the whole world will be a battle ground and I assure you, you will find people stronger, faster and smarter than you learn and be wise, this world need wise learned people to make it better not worse, this is a call to all you whom are reading this, there is no better way to lead, than to lead by example...
  • yucychan
    I would guess she's very passionate about what she's doing, her focus and her passion on her art, photography, writing etc. And you just dismissing it as some "creepy stuff", she might have felt very insulted and hurt.
    But I think you two are fine, right now. Sometimes, one really does have to make some mistakes in order to know the other one better.
  • Robertcw
    Pretty incredible how you can transplant your readers into the room. Relationships sound kind of, I don't know, tiring?
    • Thank you, I try to do my best when writing!
      Relationships are tiring, sometimes they are worth it, sometimes not.

    • Robertcw

      That's amazing input and insight from where I'm sitting. Thanks man! It's too easy to feel left out of something, and it's easier to assume the missing thing is actually good when I guess it isn't always.

    • Thank you for your compliments and kind words, I wholeheartedly appreciate them!
      As they say, it's always the thing that we miss that allures us the most.

    You guys need a tropical Caribbean vacation alone with no work. 😎
  • Massageman
    Good points! Words DO have consequences.
  • KaraAyna
    Good take
  • Suxxie18
    Good take
  • dmm31888
  • Anonymous
    That's nice but now I gotta know what's the movie
  • Anonymous
    lol I thought girls called guys creeps not the other way around LOL
    jk good sorting mate ya did the right thing, always love and respect ya lady