Why I Prefer A Good Guy Over Bad Guys And Nice Guys


Shout out to the Anon who made the take "Why I'm Attracted To The Bad Guys." It gave me the idea to write this take in response. Click below if you want to check her take out.

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Now let's get into MyTake:

Sorry for any mistakes in grammar and etc. I was tired when I wrote this
Sorry for any mistakes in grammar and etc. I was tired when I wrote this

Before I Go Further, I Used To Think Bad Was Attractive Too...

Why I Prefer A Good Guy Over Bad Guys And Nice Guys

I had a difficult life growing up and during my early life I really didn't love myself. I was in a lot of pain and rage. It wasn't till more into my late teen years I had developed my own love and self worth. By that time it was too late. I was used to fucked up guys and although I demanded better treatment from relationships I thought I was too broken for something good. Even If I had spent so much time repairing and building myself. I felt the scars would never go away and anyone with a good heart deserved someone better than me.

Why I Prefer A Good Guy Over Bad Guys And Nice Guys

I wanted someone with issues like me so I felt better about myself. I brushed it off as anyone good wouldn't be able to handle me anyway. They'd break or leave me because they were weak. So I found shelter in not getting too attached in relationships. In reality I was weak one.

TRUST ME, once you get a good one, there's nothing like it. I'll explain later.

Once You Learn The Difference Between The Three It'll Stick Out Forever

Why I Prefer A Good Guy Over Bad Guys And Nice Guys

Here are my personal definitions of the three:

The Bad Guy -

Why I Prefer A Good Guy Over Bad Guys And Nice Guys

Are guys stuck in a negative stage in their life. They still carry their scars with them and they use them as their armor for the outside world.

Whatever torments them at night they wear it out in their lives with their actions and sometimes their appearance (Consciously or subconsciously they do).

Unfortunately, those in this stage will end up being toxic to those around them until they mature out of it into a better place.

Many girls think they can change or make a bad guy behave with making them pussy whipped /fall for them.

Please, do not think this, it's popular in romance novels where the bad boy falls for the girl and changes to a "nice" bad boy. Oh, did I forget to mention the guy just so happens to have undeniable looks, a billion dollars, tattoos, and works for a mafia?

Why I Prefer A Good Guy Over Bad Guys And Nice Guys

Yeah no, don't fall for it, hun. People have to change for themselves. Never settle on the hopes someone will change. Don't get lost in infatuation with someone toxic. If a guy is shitty, he doesn't need you to love him into a better man. He needs a therapist and to change his life for himself.

The "Nice" Guy -

Why I Prefer A Good Guy Over Bad Guys And Nice Guys

Nice guys are the guys who go out their way to give you everything they think you want. They listen, buy you things, compliment you, comfort you in your time of need when that bad guy is shitting on you. They are the ones you can invite them over for a movie night when you need a shoulder to cry on or- wait did he just pull out his dick?

Oh no, and don't you DARE deny him. If you do, suddenly you're this cat-

Why I Prefer A Good Guy Over Bad Guys And Nice Guys

According to them they haven't done all of this for no reason. They want something for all the stuff they've been giving to you. You owe them, after all, they didn't have to be so nice.

Why I Prefer A Good Guy Over Bad Guys And Nice Guys

Never go for anyone who's being nice to you because they want something in return. It should be genuine because they REALLY ARE a nice person in general. IF you see this happening, don't indulge or cater to it either. That makes it worse.

The Good Guy (Aka A Human Male That's Not Shitty)-

Why I Prefer A Good Guy Over Bad Guys And Nice Guys

This guy is a genuinely decent guy.

He comes in all shapes and sizes and he respects you as a person. Not only that but he does what he wants when he wants to and is picky about his inner circle and love life. While his personality traits and interests will differ. Above anything he will be a healthy individual.

Yes, love, he will have his own issues with him too

Why I Prefer A Good Guy Over Bad Guys And Nice Guys

But most people don't go through life unscathed. The way he'll deal with his issues will be the big difference. He'll be honest and communicate when he has a problem. Seek to confide in you when he needs someone for comfort or support. Tell you how he's feeling, what his boundaries are, and what he wants/is looking for in his life right now. And if that matches with you.

He'll be the one you can share your complete self with, no matter what good, bad, or weird things yourself you carry. If you guys are good for one another, it's those things that will make you bond more than anything.

Why I Prefer A Good Guy Over Bad Guys And Nice Guys

You'll be able to see yourself truly investing your life into him and vice versa. You'll challenge one another will always want to be better people for each other. You'll feel like a team together. No, good guys aren't perfect but they give everyday their best .

Why I Prefer A Good Guy Over Bad Guys And Nice Guys

In Conclusion, Once You Get A Good Guy, It's Likely You'll Never Want Anything Else

Why I Prefer A Good Guy Over Bad Guys And Nice Guys

Everything about it is just different. The respect level, intensity, and so on.

When I was finally in a healthy stage to have a relationship, I got lucky and was able to get a good man who loved me for me. Everyday he's shown me a new and stronger way to love someone. I kid you not, he's my BEST friend in the whole world and my man at the same time.

Why I Prefer A Good Guy Over Bad Guys And Nice Guys

I tell him everything. I support him through anything and vice versa. I can't imagine ever going back to something where I didn't it wasn't so close. He's a breath of fresh air. Even when he gets on my damn nerves and we argue like an old couple. It isn't the same. Our tones, how we address one another, and so on.

Why I Prefer A Good Guy Over Bad Guys And Nice Guys

Our goal is to come to a common ground and be happy again. We aren't fighting for the hell of it. There hasn't been a day in 5 years we've went to sleep angry with each other. I feel like a queen everyday lmao. So yeah, I'll say it. Good guys are the fucking best and I wouldn't want anything else lol.

Why I Prefer A Good Guy Over Bad Guys And Nice Guys

Thanks for reading or dropping in whether you liked my take or not! Take care! Here's a song just because I feel like it fits my emotions on this topic.

Why I Prefer A Good Guy Over Bad Guys And Nice Guys
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Most Helpful Guy

  • SomeGuyCalledTom
    Good take.

    Only thing I'd add is that 'Nice Guys' fall into two subcategories: the benign nkce guy and the hostile nice guy.

    1) BENIGN Nice Guy--

    He likes you but he's insecure in himself and unsure of how to show romantic interest. He wants to save face and avoid rejection. Yet he yearns for a romance that he doesn't believe himself competent enough to initiate.

    I know this nice guy because I kinda was him when i was younger and inexperienced. But with self-work and my first real relationship I became more of the Good Guy you describe.

    The benign nice guy means no harm, and he doesn't get pissy or "school-shooter-ish" or "stalker mode" when rejected by a girl. Rather, if his efforts to woo her go "unrewarded", he'll likely chalk it up to his own personal failings or lack of charisma or whatever. His shortfall lies in his anxiety and lack of self belief. He just needs a mentor to inspire and guide him, and maybe some female friends to get honest feedback from the opposite gender. (Befriending girls in sixth form helped teenage me get a foothold over my social anxiety, which paved the way for approaching girls with more flirtatious intent)

    2) Hostile 'Nice Guy'

    Basically as you described: he's nice until a girl turns him down, or fades out from non-interest in him romantically. Whereas the benign nice guy only hurts himself with anxiety, the hostile nice guy turns that anxiety outwards, manifested in a darker more malicious form. I need say no more-- every woman knows at least one of these guys. But most women never really consider the benign nice guy as a separate entity from the hostile nice guy. Either the benign nice guy isn't even on a girl's radar to begin with... or she mistakes his nice guy ways as a sign of impending hostility. In reality, he will be polite and even noble in the face of rejection. But afterwards he'll go home and cry alone at night because he can't bare the anxiety crushing down all around him. Meanwhile the hostile nice guy goes on incel forums and complains on GaG about "these fucking whores who ignore me and only go for the bad boys".
    Is this still revelant?
    • I agree, good addition to the take. I appreciate you sharing 💖💕

    • Sure 😊

    • Socialist

      You just 100% described me in the BENIGN Nice Guy paragraph.

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Most Helpful Girl

  • PinkGraffiti
    I really related to the part where you said, “I brushed it off as anyone good wouldn’t be able to handle me anyway. They’d break or leave me because they were weak.” I’ve dated older men for years. And I’m in a relationship with and older guy but debating on leaving. I wanted a future with someone, but he just can’t give it to me. He’s 55, me 32. I had an epiphany, that’s I was robbing myself dating these older guys. Why tho? Goes back to your statement. I felt dating guys my ages wouldn’t find me as attractive. Or as you cleverly stated, “they wouldn’t me able to handle me”. I always felt older men had been though more so they COULD handle me. So this whole thing really hits home and resonates with me. Thank you so much for posting. Hope I get a guy like yours. ❤︎
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  • btbc92
    👏👏👏 now if nobody understand any difference between these three, they need to go back to elementary school. Well done. No excuses people. Somebody did to work for you.
  • MrOracle
    I just wrote a post on this subject (as a reply to someone's question) that might be relevant:

    Nice guys finish last... ?
    • Interesting reply to that persons question. I enjoyed it. 💕💖 Thanks for sharing

    • MrOracle

      You're welcome, and I'm happy that you've found a good guy and a healthy relationship. They can be a real bitch to find, and you often have to slog through a lot of crap and hassle and pain to get there, but when you succeed, it's easily worth the work and effort it took to get there.

  • CarpetDenim
    This is an interesting perspective. I’m sorry you had to go through your fair share of bad guys to realize you were deserving of better and that a genuinely good man is where it’s at, but I’m glad you’ve been able to get through the tough times and grow as a person. Good Take.
  • Anastacia1989
    Nice guys always expect something in return and are usually manipulative I find from my personal experiences...

    and bad boys are pretty toxic... can be on the abusive side as well... they’re the kinds that do lots of trouble behind the scenes I find... alcohol and drugs, etc...

    now whats your opinion on mamas boys?
    • I don't mind them as long as they aren't the extreme kind. I don't like feeling like I have to compete for my space in his life. If I keep getting comparisons to his mother or feeling disrespected by her or him due to her, I'm just going to leave. That shits annoying.

  • Socialist
    Am I a "Nice Guy"?
    I am always friendly, help the person in need, I listen to her, give compliments. But I don't really want something in return, hmm okay well maybe. I would just like to have a relationship. Is that wrong?
    • If you're only being nice because you want something and not to be nice because you are a genuine nice person.

      In essence, yes you are a nice guy. You're just not the aggressive type if you don't become upset when you don't get what you want.

      If you just want a relationship but you're nice to people because you like being nice. Then you're a good guy. You would just like love like everyone else though.

    • joojoojoo

      It is okay to be attracted to someone (want something from them ;)) and you're a good person if you like helping people!

      I think what your problem is is a lack of dating experience which is normal at 18 :)

      To be frank I only started dating with online dating so im a little short on advice for approaching irl but in general it is smart to subtly make your intention clear by flirting. Friendzone has a terrible reputation for good reason but there is some merit to it imo:
      If you dont have chemistry with a girl but you keep persuing she will (at best) be your friend ;)

    • @joojoojoo I agree with you. @Socialist If you make your intentions clear at the beginning it definitely clears up a lot of that.

      The girl can decide what she wants to do with that information, respond how she sees fit. And you can take her response and go from there. Communication is always key

  • iohannes
    I'm not sure if I would call myself the good guy or the nice guy...

    So I'm in a relationship
    I have been described as extremely easy going, to which I agree, and I know I'd go to pretty great lengths to help people out or make them feel better about themselves or to give advice etc.. It has been to the degree that I've actually had to learn that I have to pick my moment for when to be nice and helpful to people, since I can't always try to please everyone or make everyone happy. And I don't feel I've ever asked or even expected in return.
    This however comes with one exception.. In my current relationship I know I always go out of my way to understand what's going on, communicate how I feel and also try to listen and improve based on the feedback we get...
    But I have come to realize that I don't feel like she is ever ready to try and take my complaints seriously.. It's like she isn't ready to make compromises or changes (nothing major of course, id never ask her to change for me) unless it fits her

    So what im asking is... does expecting this effort to prioritize one another - expecting her to be able to prioritize me
    does it make me a "nice guy" or well a selfish asshole?
  • MannMitAntworten
    My girlfriend went through the typical litany of men women go through in life. Some get through it to realize what is and what is not important. Same with men. We both went through a litany of individuals who gave us a better perspective of what matters and how to better recognize a remarkable individual when we happen upon them. We both knew early one that we found a fit in one another. Sure, we have our past and our scars, and even our idiosyncrasies... but... not one damn bit of any of that cast a single shadow over our bond. She is my best friend. She my confidant. She is my lover, my laughter, the strength where I am weak. I adore her quirks that makes me smile because they are uniquely her’s. She is the light when it is dark. I can go on... thing is, I am all these things and others for her, too. I know what I have in her, and by Jove that only makes me try harder for both of us. There is a lot to be said for finding that one who brings out all that is best in you whilst removing all that is base. We do that for each other.

    Thoughtful My Take.
  • Walt832
    I am the one on the first picture having a reminder. Honestly Google calendar is packed with customers next visit and family bday. I don't have a girlfriend but when I did I use to do that. We broke up because other reasons and glad we did I have more free time and focus on my business more.
  • el_Te_de_la_Rosa
    Very good take.

    I'm never attracted to bad boys, and have tried to understand why many girls do. Plus, why many men think they would better be a bad boy rather than a good gentleman. Some treated me with rudeness and thought it's hot, expecting me to be interested. Haha. No.

    Anybody can improve. Set higher goals and work towards them. Self-esteem is a key. Well, many people confuse it with false confidence. They "think" they're good, but the truth is the opposite. This could be why Nice Guys exist. I think we ladies need to express our standards as well. Ie. How to behave to women (and women to men), and show what love should be like, neither infatuation nor greed. The most important thing is do not do something nice if you "expect" something in return.

    I really would like to share your take and translate for my boys. Could I?
  • FýrdracaDócincel
    "They'd break or leave me because they were weak." I didn't read past this point. So you're telling me that if someone breaks you it's because THEY are weak? No, princess, it's because YOU are. You brods will come up with any excuse.
    • Wow, it's very apparent you didn't read past that point. A few sentences in and you wouldn't be looking foolish for repeating my words.

    • No shit it's apparent because I just told you. 😑

    • I literally said In mytake "In reality I was the weak one." Try reading another sentence down.

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  • Historylover18
    This is what I have been saying for years. I would even say to stop saying they're "nice guys" because they're not nice if they're not doing it out of genuine care. Just call them what they are. "Manipulators". The real nice guy is the one who is nice for the purposes of common decency and nothing more
    • joojoojoo

      I agree but labeling people as manipulative is difficult. In a way we're all just here for the give and take and everyone wants something in life and should try to persue that. E. g.: im not manipulative if I ask someone to help me with something but im "making them" do me a favor. in my opinion the "problem" with nice guys is a lack of dating/social skill and confidence. They will portrait the most basic unhatable image of themselves by doing favors and just always being "nice" and hide their true self to a lack of confidence. But they don't realise if the girl is not into them and do not know how to make a girl interested which results in frustration.

  • crazy8000
    If you want quality you need to be quality yourself 😉
    • I agree, in fact it's what I expressed in mytake.

    • crazy8000

      To many put themselves on a pedestal of some perfect being and thing's they are entitled to anyone they choose.

    • crazy8000

      Very amusing phenomenon amongst females.
      They that whines about bad boys/blayers/nice guy's/good guy's rarely has any quality to come with for what they are after.

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  • G3tAClue
    Good guys are generally nice people to everyone. I’ve had my fair share of the nice guy who just wants into my pants and I have no interest in bad guys.
  • archiz
    Yea I agree with your take and this can be applied to girls too.
    I love my girlfriend but she has a lot of issues to deal with before getting involved with someone.
    She is not a bad person though.
  • JohnAlaska43
    Im a good guy as well I treat my partner with the utmost respect.
    Im very loyal to my S/O. Love telling my S/O everything. Just not into gossip or talking about exs. Exs have no place in the relationship.
  • worldscolide
    Oh i get where you're coming from. Most of the time a man that vocally claims to be a "nice guy" is anything but. More than likely he is a guy that can't get laid, and feels like women owe them something.
  • elieg
    So there are girls who are attracted to bad guys because she can secretly go to their house and have gangbang sessions etc. While this nice/good guy can't get the girl he wants because he is a good guy and inexperienced. After some years the same girl realises oh she needs to get secured so she finds this nice guy, she conceals to him who she was so she plays him and he falls for her and wanna marry her. And he doesn't know what a slut/whore she was. She they get into a relationship, later on they have kids and she goes around and cheats on him because she is used to weekly gangbamg. Who are the victims here? both The man and the kids. So a girl/woman have to learn to have dignity and a man have to learn not be fooled. When woman become ruthless she becomes 100% but a cruel man can differ from 0 to 80%. by the way this is Islamic source I read one day I can't remember the name of the book but it's TRUE and I love it.
    • Yeah and a "good guy" always has to worry about the paternity of "his" children. "It's mommy's baby and daddy's maybe".

    • elieg

      Yeh, very unfair!

    • Wow, this is really sad to read. What you described is nothing like what most girls go through. In fact, in my own situation.

      I was a virgin throughout all my relationships. I didn't do anything sex related till I got with the love of my life. Not every woman is the same and different women have their reasons for stuff.

      Stop assuming the women is a slut or a cheater just because she is attracted to "bad guys." Most times it's because she desires to have excitement, feel special, be understood and feel protected in life. A bad guy is just the wrong place to look. This post is extremely rude and disappointing.

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  • theCobbler
    Are You Single? I'm , one of Those
    "Good Guys" ! ! ? ...
    All kidding aside, Amen! I Truly believe , it's all About learning, the lesson , and continued testing until Learned ,,,, ?
    Youd better starting writing a book, ? I see a " Bestseller " 🙏😊😎
    Awesome, I hope everyone reads this ,

    My take:
    Nice guys are the
    " wolves in sheep's clothing "...
    Bad guys are wolves dressed as Wolves & the
    " Good Guys " ... are scared & bloody , trying to help keep the Peace!
  • alligatorblues
    The thing is, I don't think this posst iss honest. . It soundsnlike platitudes and highlights, not experience. I tried to talk about feelings qith a girl onc3, and she said, "Imdon't need anothher girlfriend! I want a guy who who has a pulse, who wants to get in my pants! Doesn't mean you will. But I wonder about myself when you don't even try. And if your going to style my hair and arrange a bouquet.
  • Anoniemus
    I disagree with the definitions. For me, nice is synonymous with good. What you've described as "nice" I would see as a manipulative asshole: in essence, a bad guy.
    • While true the term is meant to be ironic. The words: "nice guy" comes from these types of people complaining online by describing themselves as such.

    • Anoniemus

      @dashyguydotcom The issue isn’t that some people take such use of words as the literal meanings. That’s why I don’t think they should be used as such.

    • Valid argument and i agree with your view aswell.

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  • monkeynutts
    I'ma good bad guy. I have been exceptionally good at it.
  • Daniel_Dano
    Nice take , the main different between a nice guy and good guy is that the good guy is naturally good to everyone while the nice guy is only nice thinking it will let him get laid with women
  • Myonzon
    Good guys are just basically the main type every girl deserves. They're the ones who have the balance traits of being bad and traits of actually be genuinely nice
  • Celtero
    You women are a waste of time and energy.

    All this good/bad guy talk is just meaningless blathering in an attempt to emulate your favorite reality tv star or drama character.
  • Ms_Facesitter
    Because longterm, bad guys are shit to us, and nice guys aren't nice and honestly just another form of the bad guy
  • ecfresh

    That’s what sums this up for me. It’s a good take and what I see are you describing different stages a guy may go through before becoming a good man. Could write a similar mytake on the stages a woman goes through before becoming a good woman. When people meet often as younger adults they are in one of these developmental stages and sometimes that match and other times they don’t.

    A person needs to learn the skills, go through life experiences, and grow to love themselves as you stated before they can reach the level of maturity you are describing. We are individuals and some get there quicker than others (sadly some regress or never do mature). But I like how fair you were in the mytake by acknowledging both men and women need to reach that level of maturity to see the value and appreciate it as part of someone else being attractive.

    It’s a tribute for maturity and I’m glad you got to the mountaintop.
    • Well, but immaturity and bad behaviour are not synonymous. These women know when they are in their early 20's and partying hard that the guys they are fucking are not the guys they want to marry and raise a family with. Yes, some guys to this as well, but it's only a small % of guys that can fuck dozens of girls before settling down.

    • ecfresh

      We are on the same page. Those women sleeping with guys for experience and not to marry are not good women. They are also learning about themselves and maturing. Time and time again you hear feedback from an older woman who meets a good man and says she finally recognized his value and she lists off his personality and character as things that attracted her, someone who treats her like a lady. That’s proof she has grown up from the party girl of the early 20s and has shifted her priorities. Again just like guys gain maturity and develop into good men, girls experience life and grow up to be quality ladies ready for a lifelong relationship.

      Do we agree on this? If not, what’s your feedback?

  • TheFlak38
    Another dumb article written by a dumb woman who says she wants one thing but responds to something different as I said twice in similar posts this week.
    "Nice guys are the guys who go out their way to give you everything they think you want." See this guys? She doesn't want a partner. She wants a slave, therapist, a white knight, a clown. She will only give advice that will serve the interests of her vagina. She doesn't give a shit about you. Never forget that.
  • CubsterShura
    Good take!

    Also wanted to add that just because someone seems like a bad boy or nice guy outside doesn't mean that they are those kind of people. Plenty of dudes who give off the bad boy impression but are actually great people, and vice versa.

    When my sister married my bro in law, everyone discouraged get saying that he's a bad boy and thus not fit to be her husband. And it's actually true that he had a few apparent bad boy characteristics. But oh man, I've never seen another man treat his wife as nicely as bro in law does to my sister.

    I know another man who seemed genuine and nice when dating, but after marriage turned out to be spineless and cruel.
  • Itsmmm
    Well I'm super duper nice to everyone not girls particularly and I attract almost all types of girls, including " bad " girls, there's a difference between bad boys which is just a taste just like anything else and an abusive or bad partner, i think people hugely mistake these two, i think the bad guys you went with are just bad partners in general and the " good " guy you loved is just a normal loving partner you have a good chemistry with
  • Snakeyes7
    I really like the way Jordan Peterson puts it. I think he says it like you need to know how to use a sword as well as knowing when to keep it sheathed.

    Stand up for what you believe in and don’t let anyone get in the way of your goal in life. Know how to fight but only fight when you or someone you care about is in danger. Finally, treat her as an equal and not as someone who is above you which is a mistake I see way too many guys including myself make.
  • Slim57
    The only problem is this whole "nice guy" thing makes some women see truly good men as "nice guys" because of their own hangups and insecurities, but to women smart enough to realize the difference, and i think you're one of them, props
  • jason0559
    Good guys looks are average or below average but bad guys look hot and above average or it can be vice-versa
    Any person good or bad depend upon his statement and good work or deds
    We can't judge a book by it's cover
    • Literally described a good guy by saying they come in all shapes and sizes with different personalities and interests. A lot of you actively choose to not read or something.

      Which is sad, why would you comment on a mytake and not read it?

    • jason0559

      Girl it's too big to read I have read first 4-5 oor 7 lines
      That's y I said according to my opinions ur opinion is also justified bcoz of virus spread I had diifren house hold works too doo
      I raise white flag uu win I didn't read full article I can be wrong it's okay I accept my mistake appolgy from my sides no hard feelings for you.
      You are correct in your own way I am correct in my own way

    • That's why you read the bold. It's made for skimming through.

  • Jltakk
    There's nothing wrong with an actual nice person. Just because someone perceives him/herself as one doesn't mean that they qualify. So, yes, go for nice guys. Also, one should be good and nice themselves anyway before being picky towards their prospective partners.
  • Strahd
    Was a good guy. Then after 3 marriages I just really don't give a total flying flip too much about girls now. So went from good guy to the scarred guy.
  • dthomas89
    What if he's a good guy, but at the same time he's a mean guy

    You said you don't date nice guys, and bad guys, but, what if he was a good guy, but was mean, at the same time?
  • Phoenix98
    Good mytake I liked it and I would agree with you on what you've said.
  • kim45456
    Boys who say women dont like good guys. How about dating women who like good guys instead of looking for women who are into bad guys?
  • Docnomania
    I've read through a lot of this and i am in full agreement.
    The reason i am commenting, however, is because you seem like the perfect person to ask a question that i feel i need answered.
    I think you have the appropriate amount of experience, logic, and philosophy, to have a solid answer.

    If you're interested in helping me with this question privately, it would be incredibly appreciated.

    I have no interest in harassing you in any way, seeing as how my question is focus soley on the one in my life.

    Follow me if you're interested in helping me with an intelligent conversation please.
    Thank you
  • Syrian_survivor
    Finally someone said it! I always try to show the difference between nice and good guys but nobody listens to me cuz they call me a bragging incel xD 💔
  • morrowlow
    I didn't read it because it sounds like another crazy woman diatribe. Women need to shut up about this bad guy, nice guy thing
    • Then you should have read it because it actually makes genuinely good points

  • AynonOMouse
    Your description of a "nice guy" seems like the girl used him to get lots of free stuff and take care of her while leading him on. lol I think that is why he gets upset.

    Anyways, being a good guy myself, I know my worth and know that the girls that have slept around and used people will never be good enough and because of that I stay single for long periods of time. The ones that sleep around or have their "bad guy stage" are worthless and really shouldn't ever expect to get a good guy because she doesn't deserve one. (Same goes for the bad guys that sleep around and use people).

    Once someone has done hook ups or has kids from other people they should realize their value as an SO drops to nearly zero and stays there.
  • incelposting
    This post stinks of post wall roastie looking for a bailout
  • Passinggas
    You can’t use a relationship as therapy because that is the blind leading the blind into a deeper hole. Nice can do that too. You must have your head straight before pursuing one. I still detect you are doing that with this take and justification.

    You really can’t trust nice either because with human nature there always appears to be an ulterior motive. When I read this, I feel that you are settling for nice and I still sense your anger in this write.

    About the only soul one can trust on this earth is one of which you have shared challenging or testing experiences together. Life or death ones are the best form of a lifetime bond e. g.
  • zagor
    Sorry, but "good guy" sounds too much like "goodfella". As in someone who pats you on the back and then shoots you there.
  • Darknut
    Women only want the bad guys. They dont like the quiet laid back stay at home keep to themselves be humble until a need to talk to kind of guy.
  • Godofbliss
    Damn, I'm the good guy trying to just hook up. They just wanna marry. Lol.
  • BrutalHonesty6969
    Says a lot when almost every guy disagrees. Also this encourages the type of thinking that creates spoiled women.
    i doubt it... good lawd... those guys that expect the trade of cooter for dates and services...
  • BadGentleman
    Awesome But I have Been Good, But Now Nice Or Bad! 😅
  • jonesjessica812
    didn't you say you like white boys? Most of them aren't bad boys. Society lebels them as nice guys and black men as bad boys