You Get What You Give! (Why I Love Being A Traditional Woman :) )


I'd like to say kudos to @MrOracle for his new take: Why Men Aren’t Committing To Relationships
because it's pretty straight-forward, and UNFORTUNATELY, true.

I think one thing that society - really Western society - misses is that while they're all fussing and complaining about men not wanting to commit and about women wanting to be promiscuous and all that, we traditional families are just sitting back watching and smiling. And I feel weird calling it Western society because I'm from Latin America and it is absolutely NOT the same as it is in the U.S. Here are some examples:

1. We are taught "body over mind."
Yeah, I'm not even kidding. We are taught to be fit for our husband, to be his go-to pleasure, and to be that only for him. Make him feel like a man. When he cries, wipe his tear and tell him how much we love him and how amazing of a man he is and how much we appreciate his hard work. Yeah, to us, toxic masculinity is not valid because, you know, masculinity isn't determined by expressing your emotions. Actually, the more passionate he is the better!

2. Yes, you're supposed to do for your partner.
Did she really just say you should do for your partner?
Uhhmmm... YEAH. Selfishness doesn't make a relationship. A relationship takes two people to make things work, and if any limits are put on it, then it won't last and apparently isn't worth it anyway. We women are taught to do for our men, such as having kids and giving him something amazing to come home to, and the men are taught to provide unconditionally, whatever it takes.

3. Divorce is looked horribly and very negatively upon. One who divorces is evil.
If you're gonna tell a partner wedding vows, at least mean it when you say it. Otherwise you're just blowing smoke, and you can't expect trust from anybody after that. Therefore, we don't sign what's called a "pre-nup" in the U.S. because we are committing to each other for that NOT to happen, so why would we sign for something that we are literally promising won't happen? You're cutting your foot off before you get in the door.

Divorce rates are WAAAAAYYYY lower.

You Get What You Give! (Why I Love Being A Traditional Woman :) )

Woah... What a difference in trend.😯

There are many more but I won't go over all of them tonight. Now let's turn this to the part where men are wrong:


Do men really want to commit to relationships? Most men don't actually decide to want to commit until their late 20s-early 30s. This runs into a problem for men: now the good younger women are taken and married and you're left with whores. Then they complain that they can't commit to a good woman. Well... you brought that on yourself. Try committing earlier to begin with instead of being a whore as well. You get what you give.

However, I've seen men in their early 20s propose to a woman, ready to give it his all. I see this ALL THE TIME where I'm from! Wait... That's totally not normal! No, in countries like the U.S. it's not, because if the woman is wanting to do everything by herself and does not need a man and he doesn't need her, then why should he waste his time? Aren't you people in America doing some kind of thing where the woman proposes to the man now? Okay, well take the lead and let's watch how that goes.
It's not like this where I'm from. Oh no, nothing close. Men (and women) are NEEDED. That means that 99% of the time the man provides and the woman is the childbearer and nurturer. Which is okay... nothing wrong with that... But if we all decided to abandon that, have sex with whomever we want to when we want to, abandon responsibility, dress like we have no idea what "femininity" even is or like we've ever heard the word... let's be real, why WOULD a man want us if we were like that?
Just as we don't want a man who has whored around all during his teens and 20s yet wants us when he's older and ready to settle down. Ummm NO. Next.

So what do I get out of being traditional?
Well I will say that I've had marriage proposed to me by a very good man, I've been asked ABOUT marriage I can't tell you how many times and that's since I was 15, and best yet: men don't disrespect me as much and so many guys are actually nice to me, very respectful for this reason. I know women who love to walk into somewhere almost naked yet then complain about being sexualized. I mean... 😂 Do I get a blown-up inbox and phone with guys being disrespectful? Yeah. Any woman is gonna get that, really. I avoid those disrespectful pervs. But I can say this: I've had many people ask me why men are so nice to me. And it's true; there are plenty of men who have done a lot for me just to show me adoration. And obviously I haven't been into them back, but my point is that the guys who do this tend to be gentlemen. And the ones who aren't usually gentlemen tend to change to it when they're around me.
The lesson here is not that you should be trying to impress other people but that you get what you give. If you give people something to respect, generally that's what you're going to get: RESPECT.

Conclusion: So here's the thing... You get what you give. You can't be a man and trick and deceive women and whore around in your younger years and expect a traditional woman to want to marry you, be good to you, and submit to you like that. You can't be a woman and whore around or dismiss men because you don't need them and expect a man to want to marry you. If you want a more traditional partner, then you need to give that partner what they're looking for - a.k.a. what do you bring to the table? Because as much as men like to push this off on women, men in these countries tend to be the SAME way: wanting better than you deserve.
If you're somebody who prefers to live casually or just has no interest in serious relationships then this post doesn't really point in your direction, so keep it hanging ✌️

Personally, I think a BIG piece of this is humility. It seems like the genders want to live for their own selves and not acknowledge that we need the other. I'll be honest with you: I can't fix a car. I'm not even gonna try because I don't like getting dirty. This would be where my husband comes in, if that situation ever happened. (Actually, I'm not good with my hands at all. I'm no good with manual labor lol) Getting along requires humility, and until our world sees that, we will make no progress.

So although I do agree with MrOracle's mytake, men are no more innocent than women are.

You Get What You Give! (Why I Love Being A Traditional Woman :) )
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  • Anonymous
    Amen, sister, including the part about men not being innocent and having unrealistic expectations after whoring around when they are younger. Those guys are as guilty as anyone.

    But MrOracle's mytake was 100% spot on in everything he wrote with respect to why good men are not willing to commit or get married today. For most men, most women are no longer worth the cost, risk and investment that marriage represents for a man today. And if women want a high value man, they will have to be perceived as high value women, and most women today simply are NOT high value TO MEN. They think they are high value because they are educated or have a good paycheck, but they seem clueless to the fact that men do not want the same things in a woman that women want in a man.

    If you honestly consider what a man wants and needs from a woman and marriage, not including sex (which, for better or worse, is easily available to most guys without commitment, and certainly without marriage), and what the risks are to a man today who chooses to get married, the benefits simply no longer even come close to offsetting those risks. And that is pretty sad.

    I know I speak for most high value men when I say I'm grateful there are still some women like you, Yads, who are honest, intelligent and traditionally minded. I'm optimistic that the pendulum will eventually swing back to a place of sanity where there are more women like you, and hopefully before western society collapses. In the meantime, men will continue to give marriage the bird in record numbers.
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    • Thanks for both the honesty and the consideration ❤️

  • Grond21
    This was refreshing to my soul to read. I want a woman like this! It's what my mom was like, and she had six kids. She raised us to value who we were, and to both give and demand love and respect. To know that we always have ways to grow, but that doesn't mean we deserve to be mistreated. At the same time, you have to know what you bring to the table. Sex isn't enough. Marriage is a partnership of two people from the day of marriage till the day they die. And that is exactly what I want.

    It's one of the main reasons why women from more traditional cultures, like Latinas, are so attractive to me. Because they value the roles in the relationship, and they want a really good marriage. Something that will be strong every year. Something that their kids can look back on with pride that their parents did so well and were so humble and genuine to each other. So respectful and real.

    It's what I'm waiting for. It's what I'm looking for. And it's incredibly encouraging to read about women who have this perspective and this day and age when everything is crazy and all good norms are being challenged
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    • Grond21

      Thank you for the MHO! And the other man you gave the MHO to? He nailed it. Better than I said, and he hit so many good points. I would have given him MHO too

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  • ragequeen
    People just gotta do what makes them happy. If men and women choose not to commit and that`s the direction we are going, so be it. Those people who want to commit just have to find each other, and they will. I do believe, however, that it`s important to explore yourself with a partner sexually and gain at least some experience (even if it`s just with one partner before marriage). Men have a sexual imperative and women cannot expect men to stay loyal if the sexual chemistry is nonexistent. And even though people choose the traditional relationship, it doesn`t guarantee happiness. People find others to fall in love with, both men and women have secret affairs and so on. Also, the benefit of not getting married is that both parts knows it takes nothing for the other to leave them. They could walk out the door immediately with no issue. No divorce, no nothing. So maybe that makes people want to work harder for the relationship because they know there are no reservations. When you get married, I would say over half the people involved get fat, stop caring and get too relaxed. Yes, it`s important to love each other no matter what, but you can`t expect loyalty in your relationship.

    Also, marriage means practically NOTHING in today`s society. You wear a pretty dress and suit, spend money on a reception and that`s it. In the earlier days, people got married because that was the only way they could have sex and have kids with each other. Any other way was a sin and punishable. Today there are no rules against that. Yes, maybe people took it far and pornography became more common, people started normalizing gigantic gangbangs, STDs, and Only Fans, but maybe this is just the true nature of humanity? just because something was common before, doesn`t make it the right way to pursue happiness. As I said, people have to do what is best for them and their lifestyle.

    In nature (with the exception of ducks, penguins, and some other species), you never see traces of monogamy. Both men and women are independent, even after sex. The male inseminates the female, and they part ways. The man keeps doing so, and the female takes care of the children until they can protect themselves. EVERYONE in this equation is independent.
    • I find this very atrocious (stole that word from the guy above LOL), but thanks for sharing!

  • MzAsh
    I think a lot of men don’t understand what they truly have to give if they want a traditional woman.
    If he wants a traditional woman, he needs to be a traditional man, meaning he must stay loyal af, want to commit early and young, and make enough money to provide for a large family. Making a modest 60k a year isn’t going to cut it. It won’t be enough. But how many men make 100k or more? Those men also have to understand how to lead properly. A lot of men think leading means making the decisions. There’s a whole hell of a lot more involved. I just don’t believe most men have what it takes. And I don’t think women have the patience to wait around until he figures it out.
    • But if being said that it was a traditional women's duty to manage and maintain the budget how much ever he earned and balance it...

    • That's fair and all, but if I'm gonna be that perfect, I'm gonna expect my traditional wife to be perfect as well

    • MzAsh

      It’s not about “perfection” but about qualification. Trad women are strict. My trad grandmother is a slave driver. Mine doesn’t even regard my husband because my husband declined to mow the lawn one time 4 years ago. She says “he’s not a man” lol trad con women will crack that whip when it comes to a man doing “masculine” things. We seem to forget that though.

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  • raven6933
    There is going to be hate towards this but who cares. Women fight for equal pay for equal work. That's where it ends or should have never started. Do not know why for the life of me everyone thinks that the woman's soul purpose is the the home maker. That is not the soul purpose being put here. Yes her main role was for companionship but her more important role was and still is to quail man's destructiveness not to help insight it. Women should always be held in high regards. Everyone hillard about western world. In parts of the eastern world women are thought of as less than animals. My thought has always been if I go out and work and come home and help with the children and home at least she can do is take interest in helping with weather it be car, yard or house. Dirt and grease do wash off. I need not any quailling of my destruction, I've pretty much have that under control. If not it's always mine not someone else's. I really do not like having to pay for someone else's stuff. Besides it's not nice. The point I am trying to make is, women are supposed to be held in higher regards than men. If if no one likes it then tough. Without woman then there would be no life.
  • Gravit1
    I am an American Christian Conservative, we also hold traditional values, but for me it comes from Biblical understanding and personal devotion to God. When I do marry, God will be head of my household, I will lead and Wife will assist like a 2nd Lieutenant. I will be responsible for all decisions made, even if the choice came from my wife. What you suggest sounds a little too husband centric, ultimately as Christians we should be God centered. I agree with you on the problems of modern liberal society, but casting dispersions on one country or the next is pointless. Christianity seems to be strengthening in South America and Latin America, while it is lessening in the US. Personally I still believe a Man should earn a woman. A woman that gives herself away free isn't worth earning. I've met women like you and you are very uplifting, but spiritual health matters more than politics. Personally I plan to marry within two years, but I don't script God. I'm glad though, you aren't a victim of the game.
  • guywithissues900
    Mostly I agree with you and it’s rare to find a woman with such a beautiful mind these days. But it’s problematic to see men sleeping around in their youth as being just as bad as women sleeping around in their youth. It’s not even close to being the same thing.

    Young men sleep around because they want women. It’s a natural thing for us. But young women sleep around because that is whats “trendy” today. They think that will make them more independent and “liberated” when in fact it just makes them look like sluts who don’t have any type of standards.

    Young men who sleep around are just doing something out of instinct almost. It’s like a thing that comes with us when we’re born. It’s not the same with women.

    If i’m looking for a wife, she needs to have an extremely low body count (less than 2!). Obviously a virgin is highly preferable.

    I’ve slept with dozens of women, but that doesn’t affect my ability to love and settle down eventually. It’s absolutely different for women—you guys associate emotions and feelings of attachment with sex, which is why you women generally prefer sex WITHIN the boundaries of a relationship. Guys don’t care if you’re dating or not to want sex from you.

    So, if you’re a woman, sleeping around is not something you want to do if you want to be a good wife or if you want men to look at you with admiration and respect.
    • Same with men. Nothing you said justifies it for men. I understand the biology of it, but that doesn’t determine morals or values. If you want a woman who is more virtuous then you need to be virtuous yourself.

    • Daedelus

      Dude, this is an absolutely atrocious attitude to have, and based on completely false assumptions about gender roles. It's "natural" for men to sleep around, but if women do it they're sluts? You've slept with "dozens" of women, but your ideal wife must be a virgin? Women have the right to do whatever they want with their bodies, as long as it isn't hurting anyone - as do men, for that matter. It's completely okay and normal for women not to associate sex with emotions, just as it's completely okay and normal for men to only want to have sex within the boundaries of a relationship. To anyone reading this who plans on marrying a dude, let me ask: would you really want to marry someone whose main concern isn't your personality, or your dreams in life, but rather how many times you've had sex?

    • This man just trying to live a 1850s mindset in a 2020 world. I dont think its working out for him, but he's trying.

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  • Kaazsz
    So I’ve come across some statistics recently. Apparently in the US the population as a whole, both men and women, are having less and less sex.

    However a small percentage of the population is now having insane rampant sex.

    And I guess the rest of the population who isn’t having sex, is believing that the small minority of people having rampant sex is representative of the entire population.

    I think most people want to settle down and get married. But we have a sex culture and everybody is afraid to settle down because we all believe that the opposite sex are sex crazed maniacs.

    Women believe all men want is sex. And men believe all women want is to party and fuck alpha male’s until they’re 30 and settle down with a beta provider.

    Nobody wants to be the second choice. The “settle because I have to to satisfy the urge nature gave me for companionship even though I would prefer to just fuck a new person every week.”

    Well apparently both are wrong. Most people do want to settle but we are trapped in a system of belief about eachother that is bad.

    And I’ll admit it’s hard for me to believe that it’s not true. It really does seem to me like women want to fuck the big alpha guy, have his baby, and find some beta simp to raise alpha guys kid. And I see it all the time. I feel like most guys however are cool with settling with an average girl, if only he didn’t believe she already had her fun time fucking 100 guys and now she’s just settling for him.

    I don’t even think the problem is that women fuck a lot. The problem is we know we are the one you settle for because the one you really want you fucked 100 of them and none of them wanted you.

    Well, maybe it’s not correct after all. The study I saw seemed to show that the overwhelming majority of the population is having less and less sex. So I guess somehow We have to break the bad beliefs we have...
  • DocT1977
    I have not yet seen Oracle's take on this. Based on what I see here, I know it was good. Onto what you wrote. Your perspectives with what you see are on the money. WHat it comes down to is the inability of BOTH genders to hold each other accountable and both sides always lower the standards and always complain and generalize when they got sub par material. Well, this is how it goes when people lower their standards.
    • Wow. You are the first guy I've seen speak the fact that men are also entitled too and that they should have their standards too.
      If I saw you irl rn I would treat you like a celebrity lol

    • DocT1977

      Thank you! Well, if you look at arguments on both sides, they are both the same, if not, identical. It happens like that because because we have trained our minds to take whatever we can get instead of training our minds to go into chooser mode. Another thing I would like to point out is that many people here in the United States are starting relationships bedroom first. This is a big mistake. Save the journeys to the bedroom until the commitment stage. If people just want to screw around, they're not going to wait. They're gonna go fool around with someone else while you on the other hand just eliminated a potential cheater. If BOTH sides did this, both sides would have a great deal of respect for each other instead of trashing the other side for being nasty all the time. Only takes a look in the mirror.

    • You truly are a smart guy

  • centerline
    Very well said...

    my opinion is that men blame women for their troubles, and women blame men for all of theirs... the real truth is that we are ALL in this together and we ALL make bad decisions sometimes (some people more than others)... so it may be the guy making a bad decision this time, and next time it may be his woman... and all bad decisions lead to the same place if we can't be more forgiving and understanding of each other.
    some relationships just aren't right for the two people who are trying, which there is usually one trying harder than the other, and so the love and respect may fade away and become unrecoverable if there is no understanding...

    its also true that sometimes one or the other person has something in their life that consumes their thoughts to the point that they become less intimate/sensitive/observant of the needs/wants/desires of their partner, which DOES NOT mean they dont love them anymore, but only that their thoughts are being consumed by other issues at the moment, in which case the relationship could be just as strong as it ever was...
    in response to this observed behavior, all one can/should do is offer support, love, caring and understanding... but in no case should one get upset because they aren't the center of attention for a couple weeks, or because their mate gets a bit snippy, but just give all of their positive energy to their mate, and wait it out and see where it goes, BECAUSE it will either get better, or it won't, and no amount of getting upset or angry is going to make it better... possibly worse, but never better.

    more relationships fail because of lack of understanding than for any other reason... selfishness being at the top of the list of all the reasons that one chooses not to be more understanding of the perceived shortcomings of their mate... a very easily solved problem that too often ruins what may otherwise become a happy relationship.
  • supercutebutt
    This is ridiculous and most likely phony. You don't need a husband to have a running car. There are places called auto repair shops. Anybody with a functioning brain knows this.
    • And those mechanics... Aren’t like 98% of them MEN?

    • Anybody with a brain also knows that if you want kids a man is needed. Therefore, the point stands that men are needed.

    • Even your responses are nonsense!

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  • Unit1
    I would really like to know where in this world men in their teens and early 20s get to whore around with whores. At 25 years and being in the poor east I can only hire prostitutes and that's it. Girls in my age range are smartphone zombies and social media addicts.You Get What You Give! (Why I Love Being A Traditional Woman :) )You Get What You Give! (Why I Love Being A Traditional Woman :) )
  • imanf7
    It's all cute and nice until you actually live it. I live in a traditional society and it's not always the best, a lot of men get away with a lot of shit just because they're men and women are afraid of divorce . and the main reason that women are traditional is because their men support them financially that's what happened before.
    It was never about being traditional or not , it's about being a decent human being , good communication, respect for your partner and love.
    • Agreed. The key though is balance. Everyone seems to forget that exists. You can have a mix of traditional and modern ways, just don't lie that you are more one than the other and be willing to negotiate. I for example am Satanic in terms of belief to some degree, which in some regards sees "sins" such as greed a good thing, yet I am much more of a virgin than the average preacher's daughter, not to mention, I do not drink, smoke, take drugs, party, or likely ever will. This means both a more traditional and progressive person could get along with me extremely well. But it is difficult to convince anyone too far in one of them to cool it a bit.

  • Hunter7754
    When it comes to prenups though, its a safeguard. Just because a guy asks for one doesn't mean he will divorce. But you have to understand in America that while not every woman will divorce him or screw him over, they all have the power to. So men have to be careful.
    • I’m promising him by making those vows that I’m staying with him and will continue to be the wife he expects me to be. If he has any doubt of that or thinks I’m more like the other women around me, then he shouldn’t be wanting to marry me anyway. I have no control of their actions and they have no control over mine. If he doesn’t see that I’m different then he doesn’t need to marry me.

    • @Yads_Is_Back I like you, but I have to agree with Hunter on this one. A prenup is simply a pre-caution since anything can happen in life. That doesn't mean your man doesn't trust you. It's just a safeguard in case shit hits the fan for whatever reason. The goal is to make sure it doens't get to that point. If you truly know yourself, truly love him and won't stab him in the back, then you have nothing to fear of him having a prenup. On the contrary, if you protest it, it only makes you more suspicious. Do understand that literally every woman/girl says they aren't like other women/girls. But it's only words. Just agree to the prenup and enjoy your marriage. It also only shows him that you're more trustworthy and he doesn't need to worry about you leaving doors open for evil intentions.

      So as you say you would not want anything to do with a guy who wants a prenup. The guy can also say the same about a woman who doesn't agree to a prenup.

    • @TruthBringer That is true. And I know what a prenup is lol
      So since that’s true, obviously he and I will agree on it and avoid divorce. Problem solved :) it’s not like not wanting a man who wants a prenup is gonna ruin my life lol

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  • sp33d
    Stopped reading at "Do men really want to commit to relationships?". That's like asking "are all women hoes"? Not getting anywhere like that. Are you "traditional" out of principle or because that's how you've always been and it's become muscle memory?
    • Both. I was raised on it. :)
      And if you didn’t read it then you can’t really give an opinion on it because you don’t know what it is. I made a good point right there, so you stopped at the good part. Lol

    • Just throwing this out there... Men have more “whore” issues. That goes along with why they don’t wanna commit. So that’s a double negative on men here lol I can’t speak for the women who do whore around but I think most women would commit.

  • GlitterFairy16
    I also like the idea of traditional relationships but a lot of people think traditional relationships means only a man and women. The man should go work and be in charge of all the money whilst the woman cooks, cleans and pops out babys.

    I believe in traditional values more, were both parents are in the picture whether it's a two dads, two mums or a mum and dad. Yes of course partners should comfort and support each other that's apart of being in a relationship there's nothing traditional about that it's just the decent thing to do.

    I just hate the idea of a man going to work and having all that pressure to be the soul income for a family and then tell the women what she can and can't spend the money on when he wouldn't know what to spend the money on because he's not the one running the house and it's his money not hers as she's doesn't have a income of her own to make her own choices. To me that sounds extremely scary and not equally beneficial. a lot of people see a traditional relationships as the woman being the personal slave. Im sorry but just because a man puts a ring on my finger doesn't there for mean I've sign a life binding contract to clean the shit stains out his boxers. Both partners should be equally involved in every part of a relationship as a main part of a healthy relationship is working as a team and having shared experiences it's how we learn to better understand each other.
  • PBandJ_Nerd
    The only benefits I can see to being a housewife is this:
    1. Everything is clean and put away.
    2. You get to work more on your health and hygiene.
    3. You get to do more of your hobbies (even new ones).
    4. You'll always have time for yourself.
    5. You'll get to spend more time with your partner/lover.
    There's probably other benefits too but those are the only things I can think of. Other than you could make some money off of your hobbies while at home.
  • bamesjond0069
    Good post overall. I don't think you understand mens problem with finding a wife though. You say "now the good younger women are taken and married and you're left with whores" well thats correct in our age bracket. For those of us who date much younger women, it doesn't explain why almost all of them are whores too and the few that aren't are obsessed with school and career and dont want to be a wife when they can be president or cure cancer. Lmao.
    • Because women who are worth marrying get taken very quickly by good men, and we are also smart. We won’t take a man who’s not worth our time, and usually a man who gets ready to settle down at that older age has a history with him. Nope. That doesn’t fly. No wonder he can’t find a woman.

    • Well yes i agree. The only good women for marriage get married before age 21. That still doesn't take into account that 90+% of girls that age still are no good. Lol. Like i just went out with a girl who was 20 and she only had one boyfriend through highschool. Me being in my 30s didn't keep me from finding such a girl but such a girl turned me off because she was ready to have sex with me the first time we went out.

    • That’s what I’m saying. People worth marrying - men and women - are very rare now.
      You said, “That still doesn't take into account that 90+% of girls that age still are no good.“ YES. Same with men. I think we are on the same page and just don’t realize it lol

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  • 007kingifrit
    most of this is right; but prenups are needed to protect men from systemic sexism in the courts and the older i get the easier it is to date 20 year old women as they go for older men, most women do.
    • We gladly will take an older man who is willing to settle down over a young one who’s not and goes around. However, there are young ones who will settle down, as I mentioned, and the older ones tend to have a history with them. So those of us who are more traditional... no, what you’re saying is usually not what happens. And that’s exactly why older men often complain that they can’t find a good woman. You get what you give.

  • CharaS
    Good for you! Really. But we should all be able to have the choice to opt into that type of lifestyle or not.
    • You do. Everybody lives their own life

    • CharaS

      Of course. Out of curiosity, what do you mean when you say his "go-to for pleasure"?

    • Submission and the fact that pleasing him pleases me. So in other words I do things for him because I want to, not because I have to

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  • Shezadi
    I am also a traditional woman at heart and I wear that label with a lot of pride. And you should learn about Hindu goddesses because they are the epitome of a traditional feminist. I was inspired by Hindu goddesses to become a traditional feminist. They are feminine and strong at the same time. Traditional doesn't mean weak. Hindu goddesses are traditional yet they defeated demons on the battlefield that male gods failed to defeat.
  • Vviiccttoorr
    Man, Latin America sounds so much better because, here in America I feel women are so egotistical and critical when I try to approach them ( not all) but, man if only we could get back to a more Christian society. Dating; especially at my age is t fun and it honestly kinda sucks.
  • Psychoanalytical
    Thank you for such an open minded take. We need more people who dig deep in life and try to see it from a fair and just POV. Not just get angry defending slogans. Posts like these restore my hope in finding my other half one day.
  • Virgo31
    Honestly I wanna focus on myself and have a solid career before even considering to settle down. I wanna make that big money and I don’t really agree on just staying home to be some sort of housewife. Tbh it seems like a waste of time to just sit around and clean instead of working. Plus I hate cleaning so much! You said women are supposed to give him something to come home too? Thank really doesn’t make sense to me, it should be a even household. We both work, put in equal effort to keep the house clean, and put aside time for each other. Just creating a fully functional system creates a happy household and marriage in my opinion. Nice my take though
    • If you make it work I’m with you.
      I have a degree. It’s not difficult.

  • America isn't into having women propose, only radical feminists do that, and radical feminists are in every country. This is slightly similar to one of my takes about how I'm a traditional woman, except, I know how to use my hands for dirty work if I have to. not saying I want to to, but i can bc I'm not a barbie doll.
  • Ellie-V
    Do you ma’am. I could never 😂
    The details you pointed out are generally lovely ideas I take with me in other contexts of my life that doesn’t involve traditional romantic relationships. Different strokes for different folks.
  • extremelybored
    Your right and I agree with what you said. Women like you are more valued and appreciated in relationships. It's a shame this kind of viewpoint is dying and everyone has become superficial hoes and dickheads.
  • blank_expression
    Today, there is no reason to bond a relationship because hungry women are plentiful, they make their own money, and I love the simple life, burn a steak and drink coffee out of a Mason jar. Women love to play and get their body count up so why should I interfere with that. The only reason women marry anymore is to increase their square feet to impress their girlfriends. That requires a supplemental income male person (simp), and as long as he can pay, he can stay in his side room-den-man-cave. He will have to tolerate his wife f-n around because these women do not expect their lifestyle to change at all after the big marriage party. If he doesn’t earn, or complains, he is out on the street permanently with garnished wages. Traditional women (if you really know what that is) are dwindling and so is society. This in the Cultural-Marxist end game.
    • You made ONE sentence that has anything to do with this post: “Traditional women (if you really know what that is) are dwindling and so is society.“ The rest is irrelevant.

    • Of course it all applies and is relevant. You said “you get what you give” and I am explaining by example they don’t give so they don’t get. In addition because they don’t give I don’t give. I also pointed out the there is a false sense of give and get through materialism and the creation of the simp and thereby traditional is in decline. Which part don’t you get?

    • Ahh I get ya. My bad for missing the connection. (I just woke up, okay 😂)
      I get you now. Well I think you’re ignoring the other side. Women aren’t going to give unless men give too.
      The rest, yes true, but I’m not part of that and therefore that topic is true but still doesn’t need my input. I’m not part of that and don’t want to be.
      So yeah... You get what you give. I don't know what your definition of “simp” is, but again, that’s a topic off of this. Sure, the topics are related, just like basic addition is related and eventually leads to calculus, but let’s avoid the big vast expansion, shall we 😂Stay on topic, por favor :)

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  • Celtero
    Mhhm... You know, when I was younger all I ever wanted was something long term but the wemons made me lose faith and I gave up altogether.
  • NatalieKeller95
    toxic masculinity is a myth libtards invented, they're a mental illness
  • Jack9949
    Lol I love the divorce rates photo. Guess we suck 😂👍
    • Absolutely
      There are reasons the rate in the U. S. is so high, and you tend to be a smart guy so I think you're aware of them.

    • Jack9949

      Its because people don’t take things seriously enough.

  • TheLeeyo
    I hate Traditionalism as much as Progressivism,
    Both are Gynocentric and anti male freedom
    • Apparently you don’t know what either one is

    • Actually, I think it's more so that common labels are nothing more than just that. The common "traditional" and "progressive" views both interwind and therefore contradict themselves in today's age. Very few modern women, at least in more modern nations, are actually fully traditional or progressive usually. Cause on one hand they both usually want to be able to vote, drive, or have freedoms historically progressive, YET on the other, there are "progressive" women who still secretly expect traditional things from men like paying for dates, engagement ring, etc. Additionally, and actually very important, BOTH sides (mainly women) likely would be disgusted at even the thought of sex bot brothels, even though, the idea is VERY progressive YET can also be used to preserve traditional means with some exceptions. One of the biggest issues is that it's assumed men would be the primary consumers of sex bots and the like, when actually, there is zero reason the market would not make full sure any sort of bot/doll is available, meaning for women too. Lastly with this progressive idea though, the ones deciding that they want more than just sex when it comes to another human body are the ones that would actually pass on the blood line and really, are likely among the best parents anyways, so for sure, darwinism at work, ironically, for a "traditional" cause.

    • You said MOST, not all. And you mentioned people going by labels, not definitions.
      Problem solved. Thank you. Generalizations, especially by outsiders, can never be 100% correct.

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  • NYCQuestions1976
    Excellent Take. The only part I somewhat disagreed with is "divorce is automatically evil". It may be frowned upon, but sometimes it's a necessity when all else fails.
  • IronLady6354
    There are a lot of ways I do agree with traditional values. I do agree that family is the #1 most important thing. I also have no hesitation in saying that my role as a wife and a mother is far more important than anything I do at work. I also do agree that divorce culture is a huge threat to the family/morality in our society.

    However, there is still a lot of sexism in some aspects of traditionalism. But outside the sexist aspect of it I do think I'd very much agree with you that traditional values are an excellent way to live life and build a healthy society.
  • Madmegalomaniac
    Too lazy to read the post, but will say this about the title: You don't always get what you give. Some people are more selfish than that in my opinion. Sry if you've addressed this.
  • oddwaffle
    Actually it has more to do with money than anything else.

    Women weren't able to get a real job back then so their only "job" was to be a "wife". This is also the primary reason that a lot of women ended up in poverty after their husband abandoned them. It was also the primary drive to create and sustain the oldest job in human history, prostitution.

    As women start to get better jobs and wages they become picky with their "husband" candidates. Since women can support themselves for a long time, they tend to get more romantic and much more willing to wait for "Mr. Right" than "Mr. Right-Now".

    So it is pretty much the natural thing to get to today's situation. You can't stop it and it's not going to change unless you can take away women's ability to support themselves.
  • Dargil
    Read my response to his post. "You" are part of the solution.
  • I do not agree with a lot that you have said here, but I like learning others view points on maters like this one. Thanks for a detailed mytake. 👍
  • Juxtapose
    You really don't know how it is for men in the United States.

    But it was interesting hearing another non-USA perspective.
  • Bidensucks2020
    Women don't want to get married before 40 or have kids today. Most women would rather live with a guy than marry.
  • tofamous
    Wow I like you that is so true but Here in America we havea movement called women's lib which is fine women are = a man but face it a man can't do things a woman can do in a woman can do a lot of things a man can do were made differently Lot of men though can pick 200 pounds all day long but he can't hold that 12 pound baby for 15 minutes without struggling why is were made differently And I sincerely believe that if My every thought and action is to please her I don't have to worry about me if she has that attitude about me Then Conversations are better The private time is wonderful harmony and is so much easier to go to work every day and provide for her and to take care of her because it's real Dam I miss that relationship I'm just saying it's real
  • All good points and a great my take!
  • modelUN242
    As a female, I liked your post!
  • Gedaria
    I like your thinking..,
    • I don’t get that a lot on here LOL

    • Gedaria

      Well I do, I don't know what modern women get out of killing themselves having kids and still going out to work. My first wife loved it...

    yads, are you tryna turn me into a SIMP?
    • Don’t need to :P

    • why do you say that? cuz it ain't gonna happen

    • I don’t even know what you’re talking about. No guys who are successful with women ever use terms like “simp” or “fuckboy” anyway, so you might as well already be one 😂That was my point lol
      So I don't know how you got that from my post, but your success (or failure) with women is not something I have any interest in.

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  • Gentlemanhard
    I think its natural for girls being submissive
    • Mhm. But look at all that defiles nature now. 😂

    • by nature i mean, the tendency of women is to be submissive

    • I know.

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  • Hispanic-Cool-Guy
    You get what you give. Spot on. 👍
  • Phoenix98
    Good mytake.
  • Open4allW
  • alance99
    Great Mytake 🙂🙂
  • Syrian_survivor
  • mrgspoter
    Oh spoken like a angel