Revisiting a part of my past. For a reason today. A bad reason today. The day I was suppose to be married

Hello. I am going back to Ad nauseam because today was suppose to be my wedding.

Revisiting a part of my past. For a reason today. A bad reason today. The day I was suppose to be married

So it was suppose to be a basic small wedding.

Revisiting a part of my past. For a reason today. A bad reason today. The day I was suppose to be married

I wrote my vows to you. But it is moot since you are not here. You left me for someone who dropped in your lap.. But this is what the vows were:
I can't believe you are in front of me. At this time. With the world falling apart, trying to come together. You are in front of me. Your friends. I did not invite any of mine since I knew none would show and no one was worthy enough to. You are my world and you are my rock. I am happy I met you..

But it dont matter anymore...

Revisiting a part of my past. For a reason today. A bad reason today. The day I was suppose to be married
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  • I am so sorry for your misfortune and I simultaneously wish she had not done this and I am relieved you discovered who she was before it was too late. I don’t know you well but I have seen you here for a long time. You always have appeared intelligent thoughtful perceptive experience fiercely loyal and very recent. You deserve a good relationship with a solid person. I wish you all the best in that regard and otherwise in life. Be well my friend 💜
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  • GoodGuyBreakingBad
    I'm sorry you were up against this, thanks for sharing and I wish you the very best, my friend
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  • OlderAndWiser
    Imagine that you did get married and you were happy for awhile and then. . . then she sees someone else and starts coming home late at night with no explanation for where she has been. That doesn't make you feel better about being jilted but it could be even worse. . . right?
    • @OlderAndWiser I initially wanted to write a more drawn out MyTake on this. But they put me on blood pressure meds. So Im trying to suppress things no matter how hard I try. I am trying to put myself first. Which is hard because I never did.

    • My impression is that you have a strong emotional reaction to many things in your life and that would be difficult to rein in.

    • @OlderAndWiser I have a conviction for things. Thats how I ended up in the field. My devotion and conviction for certain things which are important to me. It may not to others but I know there maybe a small minority which has that conviction and voice which needs to be heard. I know I need to keep it in check, but at my age. Im tired of being an ATM or a whipping boy.

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  • Mangospacho
    Wow. Sorry for your loss. This is really tough to get past and I hope you find someone who will treat you the way you deserve to be treated. Fortunately, you are able to move past this. It’s not easy and it doesn’t help that the way she left you was in a very public way with no regard for your feelings and she didn’t have the fortitude to tell you why. She hurt you with her selfish and cowardly behavior and you won’t be the last person she hurts. But you will be able to move on from this. Not immediately but gradually. It may seem like this is the worst possible way she could have left you but this was going to happen one way or another and the way she backed out is a terrible sign for the next guy she meets and dates and gets engaged to. There’s no doubt she would’ve left you even if you were able to give her those vows. She’s the type of person who leaves suddenly after 10, 20, or 30 years of marriage.
    Save the vows you wrote because the person you initially wrote them for doesn’t deserve them. They should be for someone who at the very least reciprocates. They should be for someone who stands by you and doesn’t leave you at the most important time. It’s hard to believe this now but this is not the end of your life. This is not the last chance you ever have to be with someone you love. This is the start of finding the person who deserves to be given those vows.
  • Hazelstar99
    I literally got tears in my eye. I am so sorry you had to go through that. Just take care of yourself *hugged you*
  • karolaga
    Thank You for sharing. I am sorry this happen to You but I'm glad it happened when it did. I wish nothing but happiness and love for you. Your heart will heal.
  • kimbim
    I was with the love of my life for ten years. She also up and leave for a dude she just met. I'm rich, educated, good looking, chased by many women, but for me there was only her.

    Suddenly she left. I felt like my world was falling apart for years. The special days and songs and places we shared forever seemed to put me in the dark mood.

    Then one day, out of nowhere, came my old high school sweetheart whom I'd thought about forever. Today we are together. I'm happy again. I recently caught myself singing along one of the songs I didn't like anymore because of my x.

    It will come to you too. I know you don't believe it right now, but it's going to happen. The princess will appear. You will move on.

    Best wishes to you from me
  • psychoticanimaIIover
    😔 Sorry to hear this.
  • Jamie05rhs
    Meaning today today? Or this day another year?
  • guywho
    Day by day i start to hate women even more.
  • Aakash_Hangargi
    Is that you in the pic?