How to Make Up After a Fight

The big fight.

Many couples never see it coming. They are not prepared and don't know how to deal with it. They don't know how to make up after a fight.

Once you've had the big fight emotions are running high. You could be feeling hurt, confused angry or even depressed. You may feel all of these things at different times. But if you want to make up after a fight, you need to control all those feelings.

"If you want to make up after a fight, you need to control your feelings."
You need to accept the fact that you’ve had the break up. This may sound obvious. However, many people stay in denial mode which makes it impossible to really make up after a fight.

If you are the one trying to save the relationship after a fight then you are going to need to use some good psychology. The first thing you need to do to make up after a fight is probably not what you think!

You should not talk to your ex until you are ready to say something like "I know we've had a bad fight and some bad things were said and you know what I think that is a good thing. We need to have some time apart." This is really the first phase to creating an opportunity for a real make up after your fight.

This tactic will arouse the natural sense of curiosity in your ex and make them realize that you are acting in a mature fashion about the fight. Talk to your ex calmly and you will remind them of your strong personality. This is undoubtedly why they were initially attracted to you and is a good way to jump start a make up after a fight.

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Accept the situation and embrace it. Distressed couples are always counseled to be honest about the state of their relationship especially after a fight. There has to be acceptance of how you feel about each other. It's the only way to have a real chance to make up after a fight.

Relationships are worth saving. The right relationship can be so hard to find so don't just let it slip away. Calmly accepting the situation is just the first step to a make up after a fight.


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  • Realize that you are the only person that you can control.. No name calling, No bringing up the

    past and no physical contact. Agree to leave the room and stay separated until you can talk

    calmly. If you can't reach an agreement, then agree to revisit it on another day.

    Sometimes the best thing to do is to say the words.."I'm sorry" and leave it at that..

    sincerely. Have the same amount of respect as you would if you were arguing

    a judge in the courtroom.