Can I start calling him "boyfriend"? How do I bring it up?

Before the beginning of the summer, I started going out with a guy who had been my friend for a few months. Our chemistry was unbelievable and we both got along incredibly well.
We spent every night (and most of the day) together for 2 weeks and he helped me move to my new apartment.

We both knew that we wouldn't see each other during the summer because I am going to Europe for 3 months. We talked about it and we both agreed that we could sleep with other people if we wanted to during that time, but he constatly referred to us as "being together" or being "a couple".

We've been talking to each other every day and we both shared that we are starting to fall in love with each other. He told his family about me and showed them pictures. He calls me "babe" and "darling" and always talks about what a wonderful time we will have once I get back. Yesterday he made a joke about me getting "another boyfriend" (which sort of implied that he is my boyfriend)

It's been almost two months now since we started seeing each other and I am wondering if I can start calling him my boyfriend. And if so, how do I ask him that? I've been very blunt about the fact that I like him a lot and I want to be exclusive after the summer and he seemed to share the same feelings.
Can I start calling him "boyfriend"? How do I bring it up?
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