Do shy guys make better bfs then confident and arrogant guys generally?

Looking back on guys I been with. The one shy guy I dated was more thoughtful and caring about my feelings an shy guys seem to care more about what
You think of them.

Confident guys i dated treated me bad and didn't care about me. Even in their approach to talk to me they was full on like they are keen but really only keen to please themselves and not me
. Also they use the word babe, princess etc before they even know you so they sweet talk to suck you in. As easy as it is for them to say your their babe, is as easy as they leave usually.. If there unhappy they do not stick around. as there egos are huge.

My first ever bf was sweet and thoughtful an never disrespected me. Guy I like at moment stares, looksaway an seems too nervous to go for it. Which shows me he's not arrogant an would maybe appreciate me more then other pigs iI have met.

He doesn't approach cus he is waiting for a sign. Instead of being full on like I would be lucky to havehim he possibly could see it the other way around.

Guy i hung out with month ago was very flirty an after kissing me after a date and being all over me. He said we will do dinner sometime but it never happened an he now doesn't talk to me took no responsibility as a man he acted as a boy he worked all the time and slept off the hours. I said he had no time for me shall we leave it weeks back he said no he has when he's not working but it was me doing everything. Then Friday I phone him and had to drag the truth out of him an he said got no time for you or anything like that. All I asked of him was to be honest but again he's arrogant so he's selfish an didn't get why I was annoyed. Good riddance but I realise I've gone for the absolute knobs who make rubbish bfs. All talk and no action. Lots of charm but no real character or care for how he treated me.

How can I deal with the shy guy and get talking to him. I can be shy too.
Do shy guys make better bfs then confident and arrogant guys generally?
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