How do you flirt with a older guy?

OK. I go to the gym like three days a week, and I notice that there are a LOT of older guys that pay a LOT of attention to me. Men who come with their kids, with their wives, it doesn't matter. I don't dress provocatively (its a gym not a beauty pageant), and I don't initiate anything. Most at the gym are kind of pervy, but every once in a while, there'll be an extremely amazing guy I want to get to know. I do have a thing for older guys, but whenever I'm attracted to someone, I feel like I have no idea how to show them that I'm into them. It's different than flirting with guys my own age because I don't know what the older guys find sexy. Any subtle tips, just general tips, anything honestly. This question is pointed to flirting with older guys, because I know it must be different than flirting with a guy your own age.

Also, Do you think they just like looking and don't want anything more?

Feel free to share any personal experiences :)

P.S: I would never go for a married man. And by older I mean 25-35


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  • We'll see right through your bullsh*t and I'm not even in the age rank specified.

    1) You talk purely about physical appearance or being "sexy"

    - and not about personality, depth, or priorities

    2) You add parts about them bring their girlfriends, wives, and children

    - Yet you speak nothing about how they appear happy or fulfilled.

    3) You're talking about flirting with a guy that is 25-35 and your under 18..

    - Grow up! Lol!

    Seriously, you don't stand a chance sweetheart. Keep yourself reasonably next to your own standards until you've at least developed. By then, you will understand what to say and do, rather than asking about advice that is way out of your league.

    If you hook up with anyone that is 25-35, he's either your sugar daddy, or he's going to use you senseless. Making you feel important when you are next to him, and then like sh*t when you are away from him. You stand no chance against our games.. When you play with fire, you get burned.

    Keep yourself innocent and sweet. When you are finally 19-20 you can look for a relationship with a similar age-gap.

    • I don't think you understand someones "values" when you first see them. Of course, I want a guy who has the right personality, but its like flirting with a guy your age, you don't know everything about them. and this question was about flirting, I'm not on some soul searching trip at the gym.

      And I already mentioned how I don't go for married guys with kids, or w/o kids. I'm not a homewrecker, and that's just cheap.

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    • Thanks. I'm pretty sure that's what they really want in their heart, and that reaffirms my faith in the honest simple man :) You're not too bad yourself. And thanks for your answers. Long and descriptive.

    • Anytime, if I can help more -> respond here and I'll get back to you. If I could take myself away from being anon, I would.

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  • I know its difficult being 17 , but trully I can understand your fascination but I encourage you to leave it alone at this point , remember you are just 17 years old . Now what you are proposing is legal here in Australia ( 17 and say 24 ) , but I'm note sure it would be legal in your country .

    So be very careful .

    The flirting part however is quite easy , no giggling , just look back at the guy with quite an intense look , a look that is more than a glance , go in the gym to a piece of apparatus that is near his , work that little bit harder , make sure he sees your body , shake the bootie just a little , make sure you then make serious eye contact again ( 2 nd time ) ..this should do it .

    Of course make sure you are " of age " when you are doing all this .

    Hope it helps .

  • I'm one of those older married guys. I always check out the women at the gym, no matter what age.

    Then we get together in the men's locker room and rate the top 5 we saw that day. We don't even know their names usually, it's just for fun.

    Don't pay any attention to us.

  • Same as a younger one but if you really are interested you have to make it obvious it will just be friendly flirting not for real


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  • I know what you mean about the being attracted to an older guy thing. But honestly, it's probably just not a good idea for you right now. I was/am in the same boat. I'm 19 and really, really liked this guy I met in my college class. I thought he was my age but it turned out he's 26. I've spent like weeks and weeks telling myself that seven years is not a big deal and it could work, but I just think that we are at such different points in our lives that right now it would be hard to be together. I mean, as a 26 year old man he's out living on his own while I am very insecure and living with my parents. And he would never want to hang out with my friends. They're all teenagers. If I was like 23, living on my own and he was 30 it would be more reasonable, but I don't know...

    Things are still playing out but I just don't know, and it's super depressing because he's totally perfect. And I'm with you on the older guys. I act really mature. Don't party/drink, none of that, so I'm attracted to the guys older than me. But we just have to be patient I guess and wait for the guys our age to mature! They will eventually!

    • I totally understand about being at different points in life. Its not realistic, but I feel like, if I was to go out with an older guy. Its not about the money or the sexual experience (though its a plus) Its because I know they know the world, And I'd like to learn from them. its more about the mental connection really.

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    • Yeah. I think a majority of older men just see younger girls as this temporary hook up situation. they would probably never introduce us to their families :/ But just don't go into it looking for something, I guess is the best advice someone could give you. I mean, the both of us are getting something out of this. Girl: Money, Wisdom, Money. Guy: A hot, younger body.

    • Well I also think it could be reversed. Some, not all guys, in their mid-twenties may be actually looking for someone serious and not just a hook up while they think that the younger girls are just looking for fun. I'm not looking for a hook-up. Never have been.