Is my boyfriend's friends disrespecting me? or Am I just overthinking things?

My boyfriend and I have been together for a year and some months now... I never really had problems with my boyfriend friends before until some weeks ago when this girl named Erica that i kept on complaining to my boyfriend that they are flirting with each other but he keeps denying it. My boyfriend and Erica have friends for 4 years now and she liked him once and she still likes him and she tries to do things to make me get jealous. So forbid him from talking to her but he still does and he told me that Erica said I was idiot because i don't want any girl to talk to my boyfriend but that's were she's getting it twisted I do allow my boyfriend to talk to other girls but when i see that the girl is flirting with him that's where i get upset. But the thing is, that he didn't defended me when Erica was calling me and idiot. Apparently my boyfriend told he best friend Carl about the Erica situation and Carl along with my boyfriend came to me one day after school and was asking me why i don't like when my boyfriend talk to Erica and I was explaining that is way how they talk to each other but Carl wasn't understanding my point of view so i started to shout and Carl hit me in my face and my boyfriend was standing right there and didn't say anything about it so i walked away. I've always had trust issues when it comes on to my boyfriend, so one day at school Carl asked me for my boyfriend so i said " Anywhere you see Erica you'll see him" my boyfriend's friend Donald overheard what i said and outburst "That's why you getting cheated on" and everybody heard so i went to my boyfriend and told him what Donald said and he said Donald was just joking. Later that day I had separate class from my boyfriend but my best friend Hannah was in the same class as my boyfriend and his friends my best friend told me that Donald said my boyfriend was better of with his ex girlfriend and my boyfriend just sat there and didn't say nothing about what Donald said... That really hurt my feelings
Is my boyfriend's friends disrespecting me? or Am I just overthinking things?
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