Cougars! Should I try to get involved with cougars👩?

Let's face it.
Generally and stereo-typically cougars have the upper hand in contrast to girls in my age range.

- Could care less about money since they are independent
- Could care less about drivers license or cars
- Do know what they are getting themselves into when young men like me are their prey ;)
- Have *realistic* expectations than girls in my age range and not too much of it
- Are generally at their sexual peak
- Are much more confident than those insecure girls (no offense), who hope that just sitting over there while twirling with their hair will get the guy to ask them out
- Are more mature and have probably interesting things to tell
- Can teach you a thing or two :* ;)
- Judge less
- Are able to lead on their own!
- Are not stopped by their age or anything from their sexiness!

Grrr!!! Cougars!

Cougars and I - We want the same things.

By now I am very appealed to the idea of having a cougar as the woman by my side. Sounds good? How do I meet cougars and where can I find cougars? Has anyone had experience whether first hand or not with cougars?

I want a cougar and I'll be her younger panther ;)!
Cougars! Should I try to get involved with cougars👩?
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