Why has my boyfriend allowed his Best friend to disrespect me?

First off, all 3 of us live together and that can cause tension. My bf's bestie has been rude to me on many occasions. These incidents may seem minimal, but added up they are pure disrespect. John❤ has been besties with Nick😤 since they were babies. John❤ and I have been in a relationship for about 4 years. John and I moved in with his friend Nick😤.

On multiple occasions Nick is rude to me, But my boyfriend shrugs it off. Nick shows no sign of respect towards me. This is also how he treats all women, even his mom.

But my boyfriend doesn't defend me. I'm not asking John to start a fight or unfriend him. I just want John to teach Nick, I should be treated with respect. And trust me, respect is well deserved. Just a, "Hey, don't talk to her like that" or "dude, chill." Instead my boyfriend tells me to brush it off and feeds me excuses.
"Nick has had it hard" even though Nick grew up spoiled rich with both parents. Mind you, I've had a hard life... Some real shit. But John doesn't always acknowledge that. But acknowledges his best friend, because he's an alcoholic and his parents may get divorced. Nick is almost 30, divorced parents isn't a big deal at this point. From someone who has seen some shi, I just don't get it.
by the way, Nick treats John lovely! Nick wouldn't ever treat John the way he treats me.

At times John says, "You two just get at eachother." ... I am nice but sometimes I have to stand up for myself. But when John says "You two." It makes me feel alone and that I'm not allowed to defend myself.

Overall, I get a sense that Nick doesn't like me, though I've been more than nice. Thats okay... Nick is not my boyfriend, John is. My real ish is how my boyfriend acts.
I'm more disappointed with my boyfriend. It's a bit of a let down. If he doesn't have my back with the little things, will he have my back with big stuff? Does he allow his friend to be mean, because he also doesn't have respect for me? Should I be with a man like that? Are his friends more important to him than his girlfriend?
Why has my boyfriend allowed his Best friend to disrespect me?
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