Are there any good women left out there?

 Are there any good women left out there?

After many years online I have come to believe there are no good ones left. But I hope to be proven wrong. I wish to find one. but first i feel I have to describe exactly what my view of a good woman is.

1. materialistic.
2. Hard to get a hold of.
3. a woman that runs the streets.
4. a woman that talks to or flirts with other men.
5. a woman who puts her friends ahead of her partner.
6. a woman who enters into a relationship knowing she does not have time for one.
7. a woman who uses sex as a bargaining tool.
8. a woman who withholds sex as a punishment.
9. a woman who will leave a man when he is down.
10. a woman who bails at the first disagreement instead of working it out together.


A. a woman who puts her partner first in life.
B. a woman behaves in public in a way that builds trust.
C. a woman who when alone with her partner does things that would make a sailor blush.
D. a woman who is faithful.
E. a woman who does not put herself in situations where she can be unfaithful.
F. a woman who makes it a point to have plenty of time for her man.
G. a woman that believes love is enough.

I dont think that is too much to ask for, and all I ask for I am willing to give in return.
I have a lot of love in my heart to give to the right woman.

Age is not a factor.
Race is not a factor though I do prefer Hispanic, white, Asian or biracial.

Can you be the one to prove to me good women still exist?
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Are there any good women left out there?
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