Married coworker tried to kiss me?

I went to an office party. There is a coworker who is always kind of flirting and teasing me. He's a married guy and I have a boyfriend. I think we have chemistry but I could never get involved with him, because he's married, I have a boyfriend and he's my colleague. I think he fancies me. So at the end of the party (we all stayed in a hotel) he insisted on guiding me to my room, to which I said no because I was capable of doing it by myself despite being totally drunk (everyone was). When I opened the door and said thank you and goodnight, he asked me if I wasn't going to invite him in, I told him with a shocked look on my face "why would I do that? no, you're a married man!". He then asked me for a kiss, I refused it again. He told other stuff I can't remember but then left. Then I was alone, feeling kind of proud of myself and regretfull at the same time. I'll be honest, I can control my actions and decisions, but not my desires. I would've said yes if we both were single. I made the right decision (he underestimated and disrespected me and his wife, he's a married man and he knows I have a boyfriend, but nonetheless he made a move at me while I was drunk, thinking it would be easier for me to give it all away? He thinks I am that easy?), but at the same time I feel a little regretful. I'm so confused. I would be regreting it a lot more if had allowed it... I'm not happy in my relationship and I've been thinking about breaking up, could it be because of it? Maybe I felt appreciated in some weird way? For him I'm just another one, I hope now he knows I am not some chick he could just cheat with on his wife and then act like nothing happened like he must do all the time, so I hope he respects me a little more from now on. I don't even have feelings for the guy, but I can't lie either and say I'm completely unmoved by him. I also care how he feels about me rejecting him. I feel so confused by this... this is messy and F'd up... Would like to hear your thoughts!
Married coworker tried to kiss me?
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