Can trust ever be regained completely?

Trust is an important thing for all of us, it builds friendships, relationships, business deals. You agree to licenses when purchasing houses or software. It may be put in contract. But there is still a reliance on trust. So what if its broken... shattered. Can it be completely regained?
Can trust ever be regained completely?

Im not refering to small trust, like telling your child not to eat a cookie and they break it. In this instance im refering to relationships.

Many, many years back, almost 10 or more I think, my father cheated on my mother, had an affair with another woman and they split up, did not divorse but they werent together, was the toughest time in my life. I despised my father for what he had done and swore to never do it to others. My mothers heart was broken. Now in todays society its EASY to shout and scream and insult, its easy to tell someone "Dont forgive them, you are weak if you do!" Really weak? So this person who has been married for almost 20 years, and dated a few before that with their now husband is weak for not instantly being able to move on.

I say this because after about 5 months of the insident my parents got back together, my dad was remorseful and devastated in his choices, you could see it. Now it took years for me and my mom to fully trust him against, but I can say for a fact he has tried his best, does nobody deserve another chance, again its easy to accuse and claim he could again. Guess what, everyone could again, so could my mom, but they haven't. I still struggle with trust of my father, but I see the love he has for my mother, and im well aware of the stress they went through during that time. He didn't wake up and decide to do it. There were factors on both sides. Not blaming my mother, but there was a tension that broke, but now that tension is gone.

So back to my question, do you honestly deep down believe trust can never be regained, nobody wants to be betrayed, and those who do are the weak ones. Easy to hate, hard to forgive. What are your opinions?
Yes it can be regained completely.
Yes it can be regained, but never completely.
I dont think it will ever be the same.
No it can't be regained, but can still associate with the person.
No it can't be regained, and I would stop associating with the person.
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Can trust ever be regained completely?
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