Does my boyfriend love me?

Since last month, my boyfriend is acting strange and rude with me. We argued last months almost two times a week and now it’s every single day.
Well, since I wake up, I always send him a message, he talks a bit but then he “falls asleep” for like an hour. Then he says something like “oh, I have to go” and we don’t talk for two or three hours. Then, we talk for a little bit and again, “he has to do something”. When he comes back, again, he “falls asleep”. He does this literally all the time.
And since this week, he’s becoming “more religious and christian” and he says to me “I’m busy, I’m worshipping the Lord, talk later” and he takes 2 hours.
Now, he insults me calling me “clingy” or “you are just a bonus for me”. I asked him if he loves me and all that and he always says that he does. What does it mean?
Does my boyfriend love me?
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