I'm 28 1/2 years old. Am I too ugly for a boyfriend or husband?

Hello, and happy New Year. I'll be 29 in Summer 2020, and have never dated or had a boyfriend before. I live in the US and went to a huge public HS, public university, gad school, and now I work too. I have never been asked on a date before, and never heard of a guy liking me or thinking I'm attractive.

I'm 5'7" and weigh about 118 lbs. My family is from Pakistan, but I grew up here. My mom has been trying to arrange my marriage since 2014, but either we never heard back, or guys are just "not interested." Or I just never herd back from them.

I can afford a rhinoplasty and other cosmetic procedures. Since I work at a medical school, I get a 20% discount, so I am exploring some options.

It's painful to attend all of my friends weddings, and then fantasize about my own someday - if I have the privilege of finding someone who cares for me. I don't have any experience with men at all, and at my age, it's not normal. I. find myself thinking that no man will want me when he has other, better options. I would love to be a mom and have my own kids and family someday too.

Can you please look at some pictures and tell me what you think, honestly? These are not my best pictures and they have no filter or photoshop. Do I have a chance at finding someone who cares about me, chooses me over others? What kind of advice do you have for me?


Thank you for reading.
I'm 28 1/2 years old. Am I too ugly for a boyfriend or husband?
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