Please help and read the description should I give him a chance?

We just started dating almost two weeks ago and we have been talking to each other for a month so not long we met through tinder i am 18 and he is 22 and this is my first real boyfriend. This is what happend i made a new tinder and put a photo that was intentionally very ugly and i thought i looked different just to check to see if he’s there and i matched with him he was active and his bio was updated he said that his daughter was 4 instead of 3 and he also said that he was looking for friends or a relationship he also changed some of his pictures and when we matched he answered right away saying hey you look like someone so he recognized me. I decided to not stay quiet about it and i told him like wow I didn’t expect you to know it was me because that picture was intentionally so ugly and if we are a couple why do you still have tinder? He replied saying that he had people of both genders and swiped right to everyone because he wants friends, and then i told him but it said that you want a relationship too? And then he said that he didn’t update his profile much even though it surely was different than last time and i told him that it seemed pretty updated I told him that if we’re a couple he shouldn’t have tinder He said that he would never cheat on me that he’s not that kind of person and he said that he never meant to hurt me and he said that he deleted it too he said “I deleted it. Done” What do you think should i trust him? Should i give him a chance? Right now i refuse to talk for today
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9 mo
Should i stop talking to him for today?
Please help and read the description should I give him a chance?
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