Guys, why do you like straight hair?

Saw a post ( Guys, what is your favourite hair length for a women?) and the votes are overwhelmingly straight. So curious as to why.

Is it a racist thing? Curly hair = African

Is it some cultural thing? I know there are Jews who straighten their hair because of discrimination so it is a related cultural thing?

Is it some jealousy/insecurity thing? Straight hair is uniform (even, in ways, bland) compared to waves or curls so do you perceive straight hair = less interest/competition?

Is it a byproduct of mama straightening her hair? If you grew up with a mother/siblings/aunt who straightened her hair maybe you grew up perceiving straight = good.

Is it a social media thing? I know people, particularly younger and/or insecure ones, depend heavily on social media for their perception of what's attractive so is it that?

What is it?
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Jealousy/Insecurity Thing
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Social Media/Celebrity Thing
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1 y
*rolls eyes* of course it's a personal preference but those have deeper roots. Try to use thy teeny brains and figure out why.
Guys, why do you like straight hair?
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