Should I feel scared to move in with my boyfriend?

Firstly im actually 22 but that's a different story.

Secondly before any Americans come on here saying they bought a house when they were 18 or something like that. In England are houses are made with bricks and jobs and population aren't good either so houses are difficult to get and people live with their families still well into their 20s unless they have a rich mummy and daddy helping them out.

So anyway my boyfriend is 27 and is talking about buying a house next year and asked if id move in with him. 27 is a perfectly normal age to move out in the UK and he's been working longer than me so has more money and house prices are cheaper because of covid so now is the prefect time for him to buy a house.

Me on the other hand recently lost my job due to covid and have only just started saving up to get a house. Im very poor at the moment and have also stopped doing my driving lessons as i can longer afford to do them. Ideally id like to be able to drive and have a car before moving in with my boyfriend as he lives a hour away from my home town and id still like to see my family. Losing my job as really set me back from were i wanted to be this year. I was really hoping to get everything in line for the future and move onto bigger things.

I told my boyfriend i didn't feel ready to move in with him yet as im too young and still need to sort my life out abit. Im very close with my family and sometimes i still feel like im a child still at 22 not a grown adult, im still learning things about being a adult. The idea of being far away from my family in a town i don't know to well were I have no friends or family around me scares me and its not like he can move near me as he needs to be near his family as his dad has dementia, mum has on and off cancer and he cares for his uncle with down syndrome as well as running a business in his home town so it be a lot to ask if he dropped everything so i could move in with him but also be near my family.
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He understands completely and says he doesn't want to push me into anything too soon but he is planning on buying this house with the intention but I'll be moving in with him eventually.

Before this idea became a reality, i couldn't stop imaging what it be like living with him and how exciting it would be but know he's actually considering it. I feel scared and a little sick inside but im moving to fast at to young of a age but i know once i do finally move in with him, I'll love it.
Should I feel scared to move in with my boyfriend?
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