Torn between two people, which one sounds like a better relationship?

Both of these men are the same age and from the same general area, but have very different personalities.
Man A: so obsessed with career and making money that he shuts me (and other people) out even though he is a romantic at heart, puts on a cold facade. He rarely reacts and takes a long time to get angry. A man of few words. His passion comes out behind closed doors and in the bedroom. Is slightly power hungry but overall not controlling. Gives and expects freedom in a relationship. Keeps you at a distance because his work involves shady things he doesn’t want his woman to be a part of. But would never directly abuse or mistreat a woman. Always respectful. Not looking to settle down right now but is planning for the future.
Man B: has a good job but spends more time on family and relationships. Very loud, animated person who is emotionally volatile. Wears his heart on his sleeve and will tell you what he thinks even if it hurts. But also he is abusive, hits and chokes women, calls them names and racial slurs. He then apologies later and tries to make up for it. Has bipolar disorder and schizophrenic tendencies. has a criminal history. Refuses to give his partner space and places high demands on them. Wants to lock in a wife and have the picture perfect house and dog with kids ASAP.

So who is better, overall? The guy who wants to settle down and has good intensions but is abusive at times? Or the guy who wants to maintain independence while dating but would walk away before ever abusing or calling a woman names. And yes these are 2 men I’m dealing with now. One is my current boyfriend and the other is my ex who I’ve been off/on friends with.
Torn between two people, which one sounds like a better relationship?
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