Why do some guys play with girl’s emotions?

This one is a bit long but you can skip to the second paragraph!

Recently I’ve become acquainted with a guy who I thought was pretty cool. At first he was really sweet to me and seemed respectful enough though, like most men, he decided to make the topics of most of our conversations sexual. I never felt as if he was using me or being disrespectful until recently. Before then, it was just decent conversation.

He has never been very careful with his words or actions, and recently has done things that I find myself having trouble forgetting. He mistreats me in a way I’ve never experienced. He’s called me names and said disgusting things about me, then expects me to forgive and forget as soon as he delivers me a halfass apology. I feel he’s always toying with my emotions and blaming me for the times when the energy between us isn’t positive. I’ve tried explaining my perspective to him many times and asking him to treat me better, but I’ve made little progress. I have so many doubts about him at this point, simply based on his known actions. I wouldn’t be surprised if he were talking to other women or disrespecting me in a way I don’t yet know about.

why do you think some men behave this way? I refuse to think that men are bad communicators or simply childish in general. There’s too much evidence that goes against that.

my take on it is that he somehow gets off on being able to control my emotions because they are one of the few things in life that he has control over. I think maybe in his mind it makes him powerful to shit on me and make me sad and then find a way to keep me around each time he does. I’m truly unsure. All I know is that it’s been hell for me and I can’t continue to speak to this person without some change or at least some perspective on what’s going on. I don’t know why I’ve let it carry on for so long. In many ways I feel sorry for him.

what do you think?

thanks! 💖
they’re insecure
it makes them feel powerful
they’re just a dick in general
other (explain)
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it’s been confirmed that he was cheating as well. I’m a bit sad but not surprised.
Why do some guys play with girl’s emotions?
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