Why do people still believe in the idea of "the one"?

we have all heard it, "waiting for the one", I'm sorry, but anyone in this day and age who still believes that, is just lazy.
7.6 billion people on a planet and you believe that just ONE is meant for you? One thing that tickles me was this lady that had been married five times, and still believed in "the one", she "hadn't met him yet" lol.

"the one" is supposed to fall out of nowhere, make all the right moves, say all the right things, no disagreements, birds singing around your head while you sniff flowers, perfect marriage and the carriage says "happily ever after" while you ride off into the sunset?
You know the reason why they write "happily ever after" on those books? well, 1, the book had to end, and 2, it sounds like a better ending than "and now the real shit begins"

Let me tell you something about the REAL "the one"... look outside your window, at the tv, in your magazine, the person next to you on the bus.. each and EVERY single one if them is "the one"
In marriage, the pastor or priest, says something about "... and 2 shall become 1", now ask yourself, how will two become one? It means each individual 1 that makes up the 2, will have to drop.50 (50%) of themselves. and only those who do this, meet "the one".
These days, many men and women are too busy trying to express how strong and independent they are as a person, that they do the same in their relationship and wonder why it ended. well.. I've just explained why. you can be strong and independent as a person when you are single, but when you are in a relationship, you are on a team, there is no "y-o-u" or "i" in "t-e-a-m".

I think people who believe in the concept of the one are just making excuses for the fact that they are just too damn lazy, greedy and selfish to make allowances for other people. i don't believe in "the one", or soulmate, or any of that nonsense.. but i need to work on my greed and selfishness while looking eh.

Am i right? or partially right? or partially wrong? or totally wrong?
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The concept of "the one" back then usually involed "one and done"
this is how i view the concept of "the one" in todays day and age...

im a magician, supposedly great, i pull out a deck of cards and ask the audience to pick a card, i put the card back in the deck... shuffle it... say "presto!" and pull out a card. Wrong card.
next card, No
and next, no
and i keep doing this until the now tired audience says Yes. and i bow, repeat how great a magician i am and exit.
Why do people still believe in the idea of "the one"?
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