Can an unattractive girl find love?

I’m not considered attractive in my country-or at least that’s the impression I get due to the lack of attention I receive. Some people say that the reason guys might not go up to a girl is because they’re intimidated by how pretty she is, but I know that isn’t the case with me.
Now I am shy and I struggle with social anxiety, so much so that I can’t even look people in the eyes. So this probably is a factor. I know I don’t radiate confident and happy, so people in general probably won’t approach me.
But I worry that I may never accomplish my goal of being in a long-term, loving relationship.
I know that there are some things I can change, but I feel like I don’t deserve to be happy and confident because I look extremely unattractive and awkward when I attempt to do so.
I will go into detail about my insecurities now:
I am overweight. Not obese, but not thin by any means. My face is wide and round with a small forehead. I would like to shed a couple pounds for health reasons, but I don’t feel the need to change my body completely. I like my soft curves.
I have an overbite so my smile looks strange when I do smile. We can’t afford an orthodontist... we’re kind of poor and in debt.
I have pretty bad acne due to teenage hormones. This is a major insecurity of mine. And my limbs are dry and bumpy.
I’m Asian, I know that a lot of men won’t outwardly say it, but many have a preference for white girls only.
My eyelids are uneven and one droops more than the other. I always look sleepy or pissed in photos lmao... yeah... not photogenic at all. Also they look kind of small compared to the rest of my face, but at least I can do them up with makeup ^^
Maybe all hope isn’t lost... maybe I can snag a dude with my personality... but bc I’m shy, it will be extremely hard to let my other personality aspects shine through... and I’m mostly shy bc I look weird... it’s just a viscous cycle.
Still though, I know I’m a sweet person, I’m just in a really sad place at the moment.
Can an unattractive girl find love?
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